Health and Physical Education/Fitness

Overview of Health and Physical Education/Fitness as a College Program

Health and physical education/fitness programs are usually coordinated by the science or medical departments of colleges and universities. The degree is focused on teaching proper training methods and healthy habits. This means that students will engage in hands-on training to learn these methods along with their classroom instruction.

Health and Physical Education/Fitness Curriculum

There are many schools that offer health and physical education/fitness degrees at various levels. Due to the large amount of colleges and universities offering this program, there are some variations in their respective curriculums. Many elements, however, are similar as they are necessary to learn to master the subject. Some of these topics include:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Proper Training Methods
  • Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Systems and Exercise
  • Injury Prevention
  • First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Personal Training
  • Biomechanics of Movement
  • Sports Psychology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

 Education Levels Available for a Health and Physical Education/Fitness Degree

Health and physical education/fitness degrees are available at all levels of the educational spectrum, depending on what that student decides to study. Those who wish to become personal trainers at gyms will typically embark on an Associate's degree degree or certificate program. These take about one or two years to finish and are generally the prerequisite to enter a personal training career.

More advanced degrees are available in the field of health and physical education/fitness. Those who want to become teachers must complete a Bachelor's degree program in health and physical education/fitness which takes about four years. A Master's degree is optimal for students who want to become administrators or professional athletic trainers. Doctoral degrees are also available in the field and these are for those who want to teach at universities or advance further up the career ladder.

Skills Developed through a Health and Physical Education/Fitness Degree Program

A health and physical education/fitness degree teaches students a number of skills. Many of them are useful outside of a student's career. Some of the skills that a health and physical education/fitness degree program teaches to students are:

  • Ability to observe a patient's body and determine the cause of their stress or injury
  • Ability to prescribe recovery and rehabilitation routines for injuries
  • Knowledge of teaching methods to communicate knowledge to students
  • Understanding of the best workout techniques to achieve a patient's desired results (tone, strength, conditioning)
  • Coaching skills to motivate and push clients, players, patients, etc.
  • Ability to analyze performance and track improvement
Where to Obtain a Health and Physical Education/Fitness Degree

Health and physical education/fitness degrees are offered through a number of different sources and institutions. They can be earned at community colleges and four-year universities with accredited health and physical education/fitness degree programs. Students who wish to save money or make their own schedule can earn their degrees through online colleges.

Career Opportunities for Health and Physical Education/Fitness Majors

Graduates of health and physical education/fitness degree programs will enter a great job market upon finishing their education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of fitness workers should increase 29 percent through 2018. This is double the growth rate of other industries, and bodes very well for graduates. Graduates can find employment as personal trainers, coaches, teachers, or nutritionists.

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