Urban Studies/Affairs

Overview of Urban Studies/Affairs College and University Programs

Urban studies/affairs programs are usually administered through the social sciences departments of colleges and universities. These programs teach students the knowledge to understand the factors that affect urban communities. The degree prepares students to work in urban communities, improving them through different initiatives.

Degrees in Urban Studies/Affairs

Students who follow an accredited degree program in urban studies/affairs can achieve the degree at various levels of the educational system depending on their professional and educational goals. Degrees in this field are available at all levels. The certificate program requires the shortest time commitment and generally takes about a year to finish. The Associate's degree requires two years to finish, while the Bachelor's degree takes four years to complete or two years on top of the Associate's degree program. A Master's degree in urban studies /affairs requires the student to already hold a Bachelor's degree and to dedicate about two years to the program. The Doctorate degree is the penultimate one and takes about three years to complete.

College and University Urban Studies/Affairs Curriculum

The curriculum for this degree includes many different courses because there are so many factors affecting a city. Some of the courses a student can take in the program are:

  • Population theory
  • Public health
  • Political science
  • Civic studies
  • Urban development
  • Elections and voting laws
  • Zoning laws
  • Law and ethics
  • Economics
  • Communications
  • Business
  • Nonprofit management
  • Urban planning
How to Enroll in Urban Studies/Affairs College and University Programs

This degree can be attained in many different ways including online or offline. Depending on the student's situation, the online or offline route may be more appealing. The online program is perfect for students who plan to work full-time while studying. Online education programs provide scheduling flexibility and assignments that offline programs simply cannot provide. Pursuing the degree offline also presents advantages for students. This type of education allows students to interact more with their professors and classmates, and access to social events.

Skills Gained with Urban Studies/Affairs Programs

An urban studies/affairs degree allows students to gain many skills that will aid them in their futures and careers. Some of the skills taught this program will certainly benefit them in their personal lives too. Some of the skills gained through the urban studies/affairs program include:

  • Motivational techniques that encourage positive behavior
  • Knowledge of economics and how the free market affects ordinary citizens
  • Ability to conduct research and analyze findings
  • Understanding of the factors that contribute to community health
  • Communication skills to speak with different people
  • Ability to write grant proposals for community projects
  • Understanding of the dynamics of poverty
  • Working in Urban Studies/Affairs

Graduates can find employment in a number of different positions. The most common path of employment for graduates of a bachelor's degree program is to the advocacy and nonprofit sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 14 percent increase in employment for the sector over the 2008-2018 period. The median earnings for nonsupervisory employees in the sector were $34,620 a year, but they vary depending on the area of employment from $24,200 to $43,820. Students who earn graduate and professional degrees can become urban planners and earn a median annual salary of $59,810.

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