Overview of Sociology College and University Programs

Sociology postsecondary programs are found under Humanities and Social Sciences departments at accredited colleges and universities.  Law and ethics, social and public policies, human behavior, individual and family psychology and dynamics, economics, social perception and human development are areas covered in the programs.

Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in Sociology

Undergraduate and graduate sociology diplomas, certificates and degrees you can earn from accredited colleges and universities are Diploma in Sociology, Certificate in Sociology, Associate degree of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor degree of Arts in Sociology, Master degree of Arts in Sociology and Education, Master of Arts in Sociology and Doctorate degree of Arts in Sociology.  A key difference between certificates and diplomas compared to two and four-year degrees is that certificates and diplomas take less time to complete as many colleges and universities do not require you to complete a lot of electives to graduate from these programs.  On the other hand, if you major in sociology through a degree program, you can also minor in another subject, thereby increasing your learning and employment opportunities.

College and University Sociology Curriculum

Depending on the accredited college or university you attend, the specific courses you are required to take to graduate will vary.  However, general core sociology courses offered at colleges and universities are:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Sociology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Religion
  • Economics
  • Social psychology
  • Social structures
  • Applied sociology
  • Law and social control
  • Human sexuality
  • Immigration
  • Youth and adolescence
  • Sociological theory
  • Ethnographic methods
  • Sociology of work and occupation
  • Global sociology
  • Environment sociology

How to Enroll in Sociology College and University Programs

Sociology is a postsecondary program that you can complete online or offline.  Both choices have their benefits.  You should be fine to enroll in online programs at many colleges and universities if you have a reliable computer, Internet access and telephone.  You will probably also need to create a login and password to access your college or university’s private online systems.  Benefits of completing sociology degrees online are that you can set your own schedule and you can work a full-time job while you complete your degree.  If you complete your sociology certificate, diploma or degree offline, you can interact with your classmates and professors in person.  Additionally, whether you attend college online or offline, many postsecondary schools will allow you to participate in social events (e.g. sporting competitions, academic associations) on campus. 

Skills Gained With Sociology Programs

Majoring in sociology postsecondary programs gives you skills and benefits that you can use to land jobs and earn promotions at work.  The skills also benefit you personally and can be used to help your family and community.  Some of the skills you gain through sociology programs are:

  • Research skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Understanding of human behavior
  • Knowledge of how humans develop from infancy through adulthood
  • Ability to use technology to social behaviors
  • Confidence and training to lead community organizations
  • Skills to lead corporate and government organizations and agencies
  • Quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Ability to understand impact of culture, politics and environment on human behavior
  • Skills to positively influence and change social and political trends and laws
Working in Sociology

Sociologists and political scientists are expected to see jobs in their industry grow by as much as 21 percent from 2008 through 2018 according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Jobs you can work at in sociology include research, government, consulting and civic.   You can work as a political lobbyist, analyst, qualitative or quantitative research analyst, product development or marketing analyst, journalist, research assistant or political scientist.

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