Psychology, General

Overview of Psychology, General

Psychology, general college and university programs are listed under Human Development at many postsecondary schools.  Areas you can learn about in the programs are human development, family relationships, the impact of society on individual and family psychology, individual and group counseling and treatment methods for behavioral disorders.

Working in Psychology

As a psychologist you are generally required to get licensed before you start counseling and treating clients.  If you work at schools counseling students, you might be able to get hired after you get a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree.  However, getting advanced graduate degrees and certifications can help you to start your own private practice and earn higher hourly and annual wages.  Work you complete as a psychologist include diagnosing client mental health problems, creating treatment plans for clients and regularly meeting with and counseling clients to help them work through life and psychological challenges like divorce, grief, job loss and aging.

Psychology Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

Some of the degrees, diplomas and certificates you can get from accredited colleges and  universities in psychology are Certificate in General Psychology, Diploma in General Psychology, Associate's degree of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, Master of Science in Psychology, Doctorate degree in Psychology and the Doctorate in General Psychology.  In addition to getting advanced certifications from local accredited colleges and universities, online and offline, you can get certifications through organizations like the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). 

Completing Psychology, General Postsecondary Programs

You might be required to complete some laboratory or clinical work in person at a medical facility or on campus.  If you enroll in online psychology, general programs this would likely be the only time you would be required to travel to campus to complete assignments and projects.  Whether you complete your courses at an online college or in the classroom, you are generally required to purchase books.  Consider applying for scholarships, grants and fellowships to help you pay for your books, tuition and any required lab fees.

Curriculum for Psychology, General

Curriculum for psychology prepares you to work in a variety of fields (e.g. social services, human resources).  Core courses many accredited colleges and universities require you to take to earn your degree, diploma or certificate include:

  • Introduction to psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Genetics
  • Human behavioral
  • Infant and childhood development
  • Sociology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Marriage and family
  • Family counseling
  • Research methods
Skills and Benefits Gained from Psychology, General College and University Programs

When you work as a psychologist you get to help people overcome lifelong problems and challenges.  Your work positively impacts individuals, families, companies and entire communities.  In addition to seeing how your work helps others to become empowered and happy again, as a psychologist you also gain skills and abilities that allow you to:

  • Help people recover from domestic violence
  • Provide effective intervention to prevent acts of violence
  • Understand the signs of child abuse
  • Use counseling to help individuals and families develop their social, communication and stress management skills
  • Assist people in overcoming eating and addictive disorders
Job Outlook for Psychology, General

Jobs for psychologists are expected to grow by 12 percent from 2008 through 2018 according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Schools, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are top employers for the professionals.  You can also open and operate your private practice after you get your psychology degree.  Additionally, you can earn more than $106,000 a year as a successful psychologist.

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