Human Services, General

Overview of Human Services, General

Human services, general postsecondary programs are offered under Humanities and Liberal Arts at many accredited colleges and universities.  Human behavioral, mental health, substance abuse prevention and intervention, counseling, family development and interpersonal skills are areas covered in the programs.

Degrees for Human Services, General

Diploma in Social Work and Certificate in Human Services credentials take between six months and two years to complete.  They are offered at undergraduate and graduate levels.  Undergraduate and graduate degrees you can get vary according to the college or university you attend.  However, you can get several different types of degrees in human services, general.  For example, you can get an Associate degree in Human Services, Associate of Applied Science in Human Services, Associate of Science in Human Services, Bachelor degree of Science in Social Services, Master degree of Social Work or a Doctorate degree in Human Services.

Curriculum for Human Services, General College and University Programs

As with the types of undergraduate and graduate college and university degrees you can get, the curriculum, core courses and electives, you need to graduate depend on the specific postsecondary school you attend.  However, general core human services courses include:

  • Behavioral management
  • Sociology
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Infant and child development
  • Communication
  • Human anatomy
  • Public policy
  • Social policy
  • Addiction therapy
  • Mental health disorders
  • Human resources management
  • Human development

Benefits of Getting Human Services, General Postsecondary Degrees

You can work for federal, state and local government healthcare and community agencies and organizations after you get a human services general degree.  You can also use the postsecondary credentials to work at major corporations in human resources departments.  If you work for financial services organizations in human resources, employment law or learning and development, you can earn six figures a year, especially if you work for an employer that pays out bonuses. 

Additional skills and benefits you get when you enroll in and complete human services, general programs at accredited colleges and universities are:

  • Understanding of how family relations impact the way people behave at work and in other social environments
  • Ability to communicate and relate to people from diverse backgrounds
  • Knowledge to help youth and adults better understand themselves
  • Training that allows you to improve your communication skills
  • Research and analytical skills
Working in Human Services

If you use your academic training to work at educational institutions you can teach human services, general courses to upcoming students.  You can also use your academic training and credentials to counsel students.  Some schools might also hire you to design, develop and implement training programs for their staff and students.  Overall, jobs for human services, general graduates are expected to grow faster than jobs in other industries according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  From 2008 through 2018, the Bureau expects jobs in human services, general to grow between 18 and 21 percent.  If you work at a substance abuse or mental health facility, you are expected to see the higher 21 percent job growth.  You can earn wages ranging from $29,360 up to $82,330 a year.  Getting advanced degrees can help you to earn higher annual salaries.

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