Citizenship Activities

Overview of Citizenship Activities College and University Programs

Citizenship activities programs are programs that are traditionally administered through a college or university's Humanities and Social Sciences department or various government agencies. Programs in citizenship activities seek to prepare students to become citizens of the United States by passing the country's citizenship examination and gaining knowledge of the laws and customs of the nation.

Degrees in Citizenship Activities

Students seeking to earn an accredited degree in citizenship activities have many options regarding the level of education they choose to pursue. Degrees in this area are available at the Certificate, Associate's, and Bachelor's degree levels. The Certificate program is the shortest path of formal education and generally requires approximately one year to complete. The Associate's degree in citizenship activities usually takes a two-year commitment to achieve while the Bachelor's degree requires about four years finishing. A program in citizenship this area can also be undertaken without a certificate or degree granted as a series of courses that teach students the concepts required to pass the United States' citizenship test.

College and University Citizenship Activities Curriculum

The curriculum for a citizenship activities degree is relatively standardized due to the predetermined nature of the questions on the United States' citizenship test. Some of the classes that are part of most this program are:

  • English
  • Civic studies
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Law and ethics
  • Communications
  • Cultural studies
How to Enroll in Citizenship Activities College and University Programs

The citizenship activities degree can be completed through many different educational paths. A citizenship activities degree can be attained online or offline and both options have different benefits. Online citizenship activities programs are perfect for students who will pursue full time employment during their pursuit of a degree. They offer a great deal of flexibility with class schedules and assignments that offline programs cannot provide. Pursuing the citizenship activities degree offline has a slew of benefits as well. This method of education allows students to enjoy more interaction with their professors and classmates, and grants them a more traditional college experience particularly with regard to social events.

Skills Gained with Citizenship Activities Programs

Earning a citizenship activities degree will be the key to opening the doors to many different career paths and opportunities in the United States of America for you. Some of the skills taught through this program will also benefit you in your personal life. Some of the skills gained through citizenship activities programs include:

  • Ability to interact well with other Americans
  • Knowledge of American law and ethical standards
  • Study habits and learning techniques
  • Understanding of the traditions and customs of the country
  • Critical reading abilities to interpret various documents
  • Ability to interpret historical facts and analyze their effects on the present
Working in Citizenship Activities

Citizenship activities degree graduates can find employment in a couple of areas based on the level of education they pursue. A certificate program allows students to gain employment in a variety of jobs that would be reluctant to hire non-citizens. The Bachelor's degree program allows students to gain employment as educators in citizenship activities.

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