Overview of Archeology College and University Programs

Archeology college and university programs teach you how to use artifacts, remains found in the earth and the environment to discover and understand human and animal life in the past and in the present.  Research tools, research processes, fieldwork, laboratory studies, ancient and modern societies and excavation are areas covered in the postsecondary programs.

Archeology Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

There are a variety of online college and classroom undergraduate and graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates you can get in archeology.  Each will provide you with general and advanced levels of education that you can use to gain quality jobs for top employers.  Types of archeology degrees, diplomas and certificates you can get include a Diploma in Archeology, Certificate in Archeology, Associate degree of Science in Archeology, Bachelor degree of Arts in Archeology and a Bachelor of Science in Archeology.  You can also get a Master degree of Arts in Archeology, Master of Science in Archeology or a Doctorate degree of Science in Archeology.

Curriculum for Archeology College and University Programs

If you have a passion for history and discovering how humans lived and survived years ago, you will likely enjoy taking archeology courses.  Fortunately, you can take many of the courses online or offline, whichever you prefer.  However, if you have to complete on-site excavation work, you might have to meet with your classmates and professors at assigned sites to complete excavation assignments and projects.  Additionally, should you pursue a two or four-year degree at an accredited college or university, you will likely also have to take a certain number of electives (e.g. culinary arts, creative arts) to graduate.  Core archeology courses include:

  • Environmental studies
  • Computer science
  • Geology
  • Art
  • Religion
  • Classics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Natural science
  • Biology
  • Research
  • Material culture
  • Folklore
  • Archival and oral history research
  • Excavation methods

Benefits of Obtaining an Archeology Degree

Traveling to parts of the world that you might not have otherwise known existed is a key benefit that you gain when you work as an archeologist.  The work that you perform can help people find better ways to care for the earth.  Additional skills and benefits you get from enrolling in and completing archeology courses include:

  • Understand human evolvement
  • Learn how communities and societies were formed
  • Gain better understanding of human from a holistic approach
  • Knowledge of people who share the same passions that you do
  • Ability to travel locally, nationally or internationally as you complete job assignments
Job Outlook for Archeology Majors

Jobs for archeologists and anthropologists are expected to grow by as much as 22 percent from 2008 through 2018 according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This represents a faster than average job growth compared to jobs in other industries.  As of May 2009, the middle 50 percent of archeologists earned between $39,110 and $72,820 a year.   The top 10 percent of archeologists took home more than $89,440 a year.

Support for Archeology Majors

Support is available for you and other archeological majors and graduates through various organizations such as the Society for American Archeology, the Archeological Institute of America, the National Association of State Archeologists and the Society for Historical Archeology.  Some of these organizations create magazines that allow you to remain current on what’s happening in the field.  Networking, volunteer opportunities, conferences, seminars, educational and instructional videos and grants and scholarships are also offered through the organizations.  The accredited college or university you graduate with an archeology degree from might also have local organizations that will help support you academically and throughout your career.

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