Overview of Anthropology College and University Programs

Anthropology postsecondary programs are often found under Behavioral and Social Science departments at colleges and universities.  Human development, natural sciences, conservation methods, human adaptability, social work and programs, language and linguistics and international policies and affairs are areas the programs focus on.

Postsecondary Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas in Anthropology

Degrees, certificates and diplomas you can get in anthropology range from the undergraduate to the graduate levels.  For example, you can get a Diploma in Anthropology, Certificate in Anthropology.

Associate degree of Science in Anthropology or a Bachelor degree of Science in Anthropology.  When it comes to graduate degrees, you can obtain a Master degree of Science in Anthropology, Master of Arts in International Development and Social Change, Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability, Doctorate degree of Science in Anthropology or a Doctorate in Applied Anthropology.  If you already have an undergraduate or graduate anthropology degree, diplomas and certificates can help you to remain current academically and continue your education.  You can complete diplomas and certificates in as little as six months.  They also generally cost less than two and four year degrees.  Many accredited colleges and universities allow you to earn your degrees and/or certifications at an online college or on campus in the classroom.  Thanks to technological advances, the choice is truly yours.

Curriculum for Anthropology Programs

Individual colleges and universities establish curriculum for their particular anthropology programs.  However, there are common core courses to earn degrees in the field.  Courses you will likely take in anthropology are:

  • Biological anthropology
  • Human adaptability
  • Cultural evolution
  • Excavation
  • Dating findings
  • Analyzing excavation findings
  • Linguistics
  • Human development
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Gender studies
  • Ethnicity
  • Socialization
  • Marriage and family
  • Social policy
  • Public policy

Skills and Benefits Gained with Anthropology Degrees

In addition to earning a degree that can help you can employment with international, federal, state and local government agencies, you also gain a myriad of skills and rewards that you can use throughout your life when you enroll in anthropology courses at accredited colleges and universities.  To start, some of the skills and rewards you reap are:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Improved oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to understand people from diverse backgrounds
  • Greater understanding of the human organism
  • In-depth research and analysis skills
  • Knowledge to make recommendations to government agencies to help improve future generations
  • Ability to combine your education with a passion for the environment and expand your job opportunities to include jobs in archeological industries as well
Working in Anthropology

The average annual salary that anthropologists earned as of May 2009 was $54,230 according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  However, the top 10 percent of anthropologists earned more than $89,440 a year.  As an anthropologist you can work in research centers and laboratories and for architectural and engineering firms.  You can also work at government agencies or open your own business and perform technical consulting work for corporate and government clients. 

Support for Anthropology Majors

If you love history, you might very well enjoy working in anthropology.  Not only will your employer likely support your continuing education and career improvement efforts, you can also get support as you continue your education and advance your career from local anthropology associations and national organizations like the American Anthropological Association, American Association of Physical Anthropologists and the Royal Anthropological Institute.  Some organizations also distribute scholarships and grants to students.

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