Military Applied Sciences

Overview of Military Applied Sciences Program as a College Major

Military Science and Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) isn't just another course of study. It's leadership training for those who want a career in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. Depending on which branch you choose, there may be age limitations established. For instance, you need to complete officer training before the age of 29 to be a pilot in the Air Force.

If you're an undergraduate, you have the option of completing your first two years (freshman and sophomore) of a military science program without an enlistment contract. This gives you time to decide if military service is right for you. However, you won't be eligible for an ROTC scholarship or monthly stipend until you sign an enlistment contract. And you will not be able to pursue further courses until you have been offered and you have accepted a commission.

Depending on what college you attend, you might choose to major in military science or to receive a minor in military science along with your major coursework. In the latter case, military science students participate in the military science program while they complete a degree in their chosen field. In some degree programs, military science courses are used to fulfill social science or elective credit requirements. In addition, some military science programs provide you with the opportunity to participate in physical training programs.

Military Applied Sciences Program Curriculum  

While part of your education will involve general requirement classes, much of your coursework will be focused on military-related topics. Actual course work will differ from campus to campus and program to program. However, you will likely find yourself taking courses such as:

  • Introduction to military science
  • Military skills and survival training
  • Leadership skills
  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Small unit leadership
  • Adaptive leadership
  • U. S. history
  • Drill and ceremonies
  • American national government
  • American military history
  • Theory/dynamics of military team
  • International politics

Education Levels Available for a Military Applied Sciences Degree

Generally, military science programs are either at the bachelor degree or master degree level and can be obtained through a number of traditional colleges and universities. Depending on which school you attend, once you graduate you'll enter active service as a second lieutenant in the Army, Air Force or Marines, or as an ensign in the Navy.

In addition, there are non-degreed, military science programs as well as college programs which offer military science as a minor. These provide the proper training for a commission as an officer in the Army, Army Reserve or the Army National Guard.

Skills Developed through Military Applied Sciences Degree Program

The primary purpose behind a military science degree is to prepare you to assume a leadership role in the military. Just as with any leadership position, you will need to develop specific skill sets. However, in this case you will need additional military-focused talents. These include:

  • Critical thinking and logic
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Working knowledge of computers and a variety of computer programs
  • Time, people and project management
  • Military strategy and leadership
  • Understanding international diplomacy and politics
  • Physical fitness
  • Fundamental concepts and principles of the military
  • Team and relationship building
Where to Obtain a Military Applied Sciences Degree

Basic pay for military personnel depends on your branch, duties, area of specialty and rank. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the military offers benefits such as free medical and dental, allowance for clothing, military grocery and department store privileges, 30 days of paid leave per year, housing compensation, travel opportunities as well as retirement after 20 years and continued medical and educational support once you leave.

Because of the requirement that you must be a participating member of the campus ROTC program, military science degrees are strictly available through traditional college and university programs at this time. In addition, there are several military schools that offer focused military training including the Naval Post Graduate School, U.S. Military Academy (West Point), The Citadel and U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis).

However, there are other related programs available online, such as those provided by the American Military University. This online college program offers military history (AA/BA/MA), military management and program acquisition (BA), and military studies and national security studies (MA). In addition, they offer an undergraduate certificate in military leadership studies, united nations and terrorism studies and a graduate certificate in air warfare, naval warfare and terrorism studies – to name a few.  

Career Opportunities for Military Applied Sciences Majors

The BLS predicts that opportunities are excellent for qualified individuals who enter the military. And there are a wide range of occupational groups from which to choose a career. You might consider administration, construction, combat, engineering, health care, media, protective services or transportation.

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