Agricultural Public Services

Overview of Agricultural Public Services Program as a College Major

In an Agricultural Public Services program, you may have a difficult time finding a program that exactly fits that title.  However, there are options if this is the field you want to work in!  One option is to double major in Agricultural Business and Public Services, or minor in one of the other.  Another option is that many schools offer programs very similar to Agricultural Public Services.  In general, a program like this, or a similar degree program, will offer you the tools to learn about agriculture, helping society, helping the future of agriculture, and educating society on the importance of agriculture.

Agricultural Public Services Program Curriculum

In this program, or a similar degree program, you will take a variety of courses that will benefit you in the classroom, as well as a future employee in the field.  Here are a few courses you may see in this specialized program:

  • Leadership and Service
  • Reflections on Fighting Hunger
  • Internship in Leadership
  • Advanced Leadership Theory and Process
  • Leadership Ethics and Culture
  • Team Development and Leadership
  • Issues in Contemporary Agriculture
  • International Agricultural Development
  • Communication in the Agricultural Professions
  • Programming for Agricultural Youth Groups
  • Program Development for Agricultural Leaders
  • Special Problems in Agricultural Leadership
  • Foundations of Agricultural Leadership
  • Group, Team, and Organizational Development in Agricultural Organizations
  • Communication in Agricultural and Environmental Science
  • Research Methods in Agricultural Education

Education Levels Available for an Agricultural Public Services Degree

Depending on how you want to specialize your program, you can earn up to a Doctorate degree.  Programs similar to Agricultural Public Services usually come only at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels.  But if you are interested in continuing education, getting your Doctorate in Communication or Education is a great way to help round out your education.

Skills Developed through Agricultural Public Services Degree Program

Because a program in this field offers many courses in leadership and communication, you can expect that most of your skills will come from those core classes.  These skills are important in your everyday life as well, so they will be very important when it comes time for employment.  Here are some skills you will develop in this program:

  • Scientific Writing
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Agricultural Planning and Assessment
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
Where to Obtain an Agricultural Public Services Degree

Since programs in Agricultural Public Services are scare, you may want to look into similar degree programs that will give you a similar degree.  The University of Georgia and The University of Tennessee have programs in Agricultural Leadership and Agricultural Education, which can both be used for a career in Agricultural Public Services.  Iowa State University also offers a degree program in Agricultural and Life Sciences Education.

Career Opportunities for Agricultural Public Services Majors

There are many different career opportunities available for those interested in Agricultural Public Services, for instance, you could travel across the world assisting third world countries through programs like the Peace Corps, and you could also work as an agricultural inspector.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008, about 16,600 people were employed as agricultural inspectors, and it’s expected to increase by 13% to 18,700 jobs in 2018.

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