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What is a Science and Technology Degree?

Science and technology degrees can be considered the drivers of national progress. Obtaining a science and technology degree provides the graduate with the tools necessary to create new products or improve processes to make lives better. Science and technology degrees are generally heavily math oriented and focus on a large amount of laboratory work. These are for people who lean strongly on logic and reasoning to solve their dilemmas.

What Kinds of Majors are Available for a Science and Technology Degree?

Science and technology degrees provide a large variety of majors for students to pursue. Some of these include:

Science and Technology Degree Curriculum

Science and technology degrees are presented in a slightly different method than liberal arts degrees. There is less of a focus on breadth of the curriculum, and more of an effort to get deeper into the student's major. Usually there are less general education requirements for students at a bachelor's degree level, providing more room for classes focused on the major. More advanced degrees do not provide general education courses at all, and focus strictly on the topic at hand.

What Levels of Education are Available for a Science and Technology Degree?

A science and technology degree is offered at all levels. An associate's degree in science and technology usually takes two years to complete and is wide in scope; touching many areas of science. A bachelor's degree of science focuses on a more specific topic. Many science and technology majors are also available at the professional level, as a doctorate degree.

Skills Learned in a Science and Technology Degree Program

Science and technology degree programs teach students the following skills:

  • Ability to think critically and analyze problems using logic
  • Understanding of all the fundamental sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) and different specializations within these disciplines         
  • Familiarity with working in a laboratory setting and proper safety techniques
  • Ability to analyze data and uncover trends within results
  • Ability to work well under pressure
Where Can I Get a Science and Technology Degree?

Science and technology degrees are offered at a variety of locations. They can be earned at any university with an accredited science and technology program. Those who do not want to attend a brick and mortar school can earn their science and technology degrees online through various online universities.

Possible Careers for Science and Technology Degree Holders

Graduates of science and technology degree programs have a wide variety of options available to them. Earning a bachelor's degree is the prerequisite to most professions, including a biologist, chemist, or physicist. Associate's degree holders can become laboratory assistants or research assistants and gain valuable experience. Those seeking to dedicate their life to research must obtain professional degrees and university professorships.

Learn More About Science & Technology Programs

Agricultural and Domestic Animal Services

In a major such as Agricultural and Domestic Animal Services, you must have a love for animals because much of the work is focused on the care and management of domestic animals.

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Agricultural and Food Products Processing

In an Agricultural and Food Products Processing college program, much of the focus is on how agricultural products are prepared so they can later be sold to the masses for consumption.

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Agricultural Business and Management

For those of you who are interested in business and agriculture, an Agricultural Business and Management college program is a great fit for you.  Agriculture is a business, and in this program you will learn how to apply everyday business skills to agriculture.

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Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural Mechanization is a field that has largely transitioned over the years due to technologic advances.  With inventions that now help farmers, like the tractor, farming is a lot less taxing than it used to be in past centuries where everything was handpicked and much more stressful.

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Agricultural Production Operations

Agricultural Production Operations programs are designed to train students to work in the agriculture production industry by providing the necessary agricultural skills used in today’s industry.

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Agricultural Public Services

In an Agricultural Public Services program, you may have a difficult time finding a program that exactly fits that title.  However, there are options if this is the field you want to work in!

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Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, and Related Sciences, Other

This degree program, you can expect to gain a strong foundation in agriculture.  Because agriculture is so broad, you will focus mostly on agriculture, but a great option is to choose a minor or another double major if you want to be more specialized within the field.

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Agriculture, General

From global positioning systems to computerized yield monitors to specialized biotech seed traits, modern technology and advances in agricultural research have revolutionized farming and the food industry.

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Air Force ROTC, Air Science and Operations

An Air Force ROTC, Air Science and Operations program is an educational elective that gives students the opportunity to become Air Force officers while completing a degree in the field of their choice.

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Animal Sciences

Animal Science is a major for those students interested in how we get our food.  This involves learning about livestock that are raised for consumption, how to keep these animals as healthy as possible, and the difference among different breeds among one animal.

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