Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians

Overview: What is a College Program in Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians?

Students pursuing an education in architectural engineering technologies will learn to serve as technical support for architects and engineers in the design and development of buildings and systems.  College coursework will prepare them to estimate building costs, test building materials, make structural calculations, and turn the designs made by an engineer or architect into the technical documents needed to complete a project.

Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians Classes and Learned Skills

Architectural engineering technologies students will likely study some of the following topics as a part of their coursework:

  • Building Site Analysis
  • Model Building and Computer Graphics
  • Structural Systems Testing
  • Test Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Report Preparation
  • Engineering Drawing

Available Learning Formats for Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians Programs

Programs in architectural engineering technologies are typically only available by taking classes on campus at a college or university.  Online colleges are not currently offering this particular program as an option for students.

Levels of Education Available for Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians

These programs are only offered at the undergraduate level.  Different programs for this area of study can be found at the certificate, associate's degee, and bachelor's degree levels.  Those who wish to pursue a higher degree, such as a master's degree or doctoral degree, will probably have to switch their focus.  For example, there are master's degrees and doctoral degrees available for the study of architecture, but not for architectural engineering technologies.

Outlook for Careers in Architectural Engineering Technologies/Technicians

Students who have earned an education in architectural engineering technologies are best qualified for jobs in the fields of architecture and construction.  Some jobs that these graduates might consider include working as a cost estimator, construction coordinator, or civil engineering technician.  In May of 2008 the median annual salary for civil engineering technicians was $44,290, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The civil engineering technician occupation is expected to grow at a faster than average rate in coming years, due in part to population growth and an increased need to repair older structures.

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