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What is a Mechanic and Repair Technician Degree?

A mechanic and repair technician (tech) degree is a certification which acknowledges that the holder has the qualifications to fix products, structures, and/or appliances. This field is highly in demand since people have expensive item that inevitably break down, requiring repair. Mechanics are in high demand, with more than nine out of 10 Americans owning cars. The mechanic and repair tech degree is not a traditional degree in that it is not presented as a bachelor's degree at a university. These programs are generally provided through trade schools and community colleges.  They are perfect for those who like working with their hands and tinkering with electronics or other products.

What Kinds of Mechanic and Repair Technician Degrees are There?

Students can learn to maintain, install, and repair various devices through mechanic and repair technician degree programs such as:

Mechanic and Repair Technician Degree Curriculum

A mechanic and repair technician degree curriculum is different from traditional curriculums at colleges and universities. These programs are different because they are generally not taught at universities. The mechanic and repair technician degree programs are often taught in a non-traditional class environment. Rather than desks and blackboards in a room, students study in environments similar to where they will be working. They receive hands-on training in their field of choice and learn through observation and experience rather than reading textbooks and memorizing the information.

What levels of education are available for a mechanic and repair technician degree?

The mechanic and repair technician degree is generally given either as an associate's degree or a certification program. An associate's degree program typically takes two years of study to complete. This program will hone the graduate towards a certain field in the industry. The certification program takes about a year to finish and provides a less comprehensive education, but is still a valued and positive degree.

Skills Learned in a Mechanic and Technician Repair Degree Program

Mechanic and technician repair degree programs teach students the following skills:

  • Variety of knowledge including history, English, and mathematics through liberal arts classes
  • Understanding of the physical processes which govern various machines
  • Ability to diagnose problems with machines, troubleshoot and repair them subsequently
  • Exposure to the science governing these machines such as physics, particularly focusing on mechanical and electrical physics
Where Can I Get a Machanic and Technician Repair Degree?

The mechanic and repair technician degree is presented through different channels than other degrees. Most universities do not offer mechanic or repair technician degrees at anything above the bachelor's degree level. These degrees are commonly available through trade schools and community colleges. For those who are not inclined to attend traditional schools, they can earn the mechanic and repair technician degree through the Internet.

Possible Careers for a Mechanic and Repair Technician Degree Holders

Depending on their respective degrees, graduates will find employment in various areas of the job market. They can become automotive mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, nautical technicians, and other careers repairing and maintaining various machines. This is an in-demand position as there will always be machines and products that eventually break down.

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