Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies

Overview: What Is a College Program in Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies?

Students of  rhetoric and composition/writing studies will learn how to make effective arguments and  communicate through writing.  In addition to the mechanics of writing, students will also learn about  history and the various theories associated with composition and rhetoric.  The communication skills learned through this type of program are valuable in a number of different careers.

Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies Classes and Learned Skills

An education in this area of study may include some of the following courses:

  • Composition
  • Composition Theory
  • Critical Writing
  • Writing for Business
  • Advanced Argument
  • History of Rhetoric
  • Theory of Rhetoric
  • Language and Dialogue
  • Rhetoric in Culture and Society

Available Learning Formats for Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies Programs

Rhetoric and composition/writing studies programs can be taken in classes at a college or university campus or through an online college distance learning program.  On-campus and online learning formats both have pros and cons, and students should consider very carefully which school and format best suits them.

Levels of Education Available for Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies

There are programs for rhetoric and composition/writing studies offered at many different educational levels.  Students can pursue certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees all in this particular area of study.  With each progressive degree students will have the opportunity to study the topic in more depth, which could open the door for better career opportunities later on.

Outlook for Careers in Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies

There are many career options for someone with an education in rhetoric and composition/writing studies, including:

  • Writer
  • Speech Writer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Editor
  • Advertising Manager

Online writing and editing jobs are expected to increase with society's increased use of technology, but competition for jobs between authors, writers, and editors is expected to be high.  The occupation as a whole is expected to grow “about as fast as the average” for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Advertising and public relations positions are also highly competitive, and graduates that have good communication skills, creativity, and experience using computers will have the best chances of finding work in that particular field.

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