Overview: What Is a College Program in Publishing?

Earning an education in publishing will prepare students to work in several different careers in the publishing industry, including working with books, magazines, newspapers, and more.  These programs focus on a variety of classes that are designed to help students become better writers and editors, as well as to teach them the important principals needed to work in the publishing industry.

Publishing Classes and Learned Skills

Publishing students will take a variety of classes in which they will study the theories and practices necessary to begin a successful career.  Some classes that these students might take include:

  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Copy Editing
  • Theory
  • Print

Available Learning Formats for Publishing Programs

Publishing programs are available in both on-campus and online college formats.  Each format offers different pros and cons – particularly pertaining to price, schedule flexibility, and style of learning – so both should be considered when choosing a school and program.

Levels of Education Available for Publishing

Students have a wide variety of educational levels to choose from when considering publishing as a course of study, including programs at the certificate, bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctoral degree levels.  Students should be sure to research which degree level is most appropriate for achieving their specific career goals before beginning a certain course of study.

Outlook for Careers in Publishing

There are many different jobs in the field of publishing, including work as an:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Managing Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Publishing Chief Operating Officer
  • Print Sales Manager

Publishing jobs are sometimes hard to come by because many people are drawn to this field of work.  In addition, the overall number of publishing jobs is expected to decline over the next few years.  Book, periodical, and directory publishing jobs, on the other hand, are expected to “remain stable” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Job seekers who have experience working with multiple mediums and have solid computer skills will have the best opportunities to find work in the future.

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