Human Computer Interaction

Overview of Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction degree program focuses on the interaction between electronic devices and their users.  Human Computer Interaction is a pretty broad field of study that encompasses different areas such as sociology, linguistics, computer science, psychology and cognition, and design.  Anything that connects humans to electronics, more specifically computers, will be covered at some point in a Human Computer Interaction college program.

Students will learn to design, evaluate in order to make the computer and other electronics easier to use.  With courses in social sciences, you will learn about the connection that humans have with computers and how our behaviors, minds, and languages are associated with computers.

Curriculum for Human Computer Interaction

In a Human Computer Interaction degree program, you will spend a lot of time learning subjects like psychology, graphic design, and computer science.  Here are a few courses you may see if you enroll in a Human Computer Interaction college program:

  • Research and Statistical Methods
  • Foundations of Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Web Design and Web Publishing
  • Visual Communication
  • Communication Design and Rationale
  • Scientific and Technical Writing
  • Software User Assistance
  • Concepts in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Web Applications
  • Cognitive Psychology of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Graphic Design and Human Interaction
  • Computational Perception
  • Organizational and Social Implications of HCI
  • Design and Ethics
  • Information Seeking Behavior
  • Natural Language Processing

For students who wish to continue their studies in Human Computer Interaction, you should expect that studies the interaction between humans and computers.  There are Bachelor degree programs available, as well as many Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs that will teach future Human Computer Interaction researchers more than a Bachelor’s degree program – making them more useful.

How to Enroll in Human Computer Interaction

There are a number colleges and universities around the country that offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree programs in Human Computer Interaction.  This program is very demanding and takes a lot of research, analyzing, and critical thinking; if you are thinking of enrolling in such a program, you will want to be equipped with the necessary tools. In order to acquire and maintain good standing in a Human Computer Interaction program, it is important to study and learn how to relate all your courses to each other, so you can later use them in the work field.  Pay close attention to all your coursework and everything you learn, because once you are working in the field, most of which you have learned will all be utilized.

Benefits and Rewards of Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction degree programs work to teach students about the connection between humans and computers.  As technology progresses, those who study Human Computer Interaction will be at the forefront of this revolution.  You can expect to learn a solid foundation in design, research and application.  You can expect to gain knowledge in many different topics such as psychology, and sociology as well as improve your skills in critical thinking, research, design,  and how to apply your social sciences to this growing technology.

Job Opportunities in Human Computer Interaction

A great option in employment for those who decide to enroll in a Human Computer Interaction program is web developer or computer network architect.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data was collected in 2010 from Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects, giving information about the three occupations as one.  In May 2010, employment among these three occupations was 243,330 with those employed making an average yearly wage of $79,370.

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