Graphic Communications

Overview: What Is a College Program in Graphic Communications?

Graphic communications programs are designed to teach students to utilize their artistic and technological skills to create images that are used in both print and digital formats for the purpose of communicating some idea or point.  Those with a background in graphic communications may find work creating images in any number of print forms – such as newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs, pamphlets, and more – as well as for digital media and websites.

Graphic Communications Classes and Learned Skills

Students pursuing an education in graphic communications are often well-balanced, in that they are able to think both artistically and scientifically.  Some subjects that might be studied as a part of a graphic communications program include color theory, marketing and advertising, computer generated imagery (CGI), and various production techniques.  Some schools also offer management training as a part of their graphic communications programs.  In many instances students choose to pursue a  specific concentration in graphics communication, such as web and digital media, graphic communication management, or design reproduction technology.

Available Learning Formats for Graphic Communications Programs

Graphics communications students have the option of choosing between attending classes at a traditional campus university or pursuing an online degree.  Much of the work that graphic communications students do can be completed on the computer, and as a result there are many different online college options for students who prefer to take classes in a distance learning format.

Levels of Education Available for Graphic Communications

Graphic communications programs are not offered at every level of education.  Certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees are all available.  Doctoral degrees are currently not available for this area of study, primarily because they are not needed.

Outlook for Careers in Graphic Communications

There are a variety of positions that someone with an education in graphic communications might fill once they enter the work force, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Specialist

The job outlook for desktop publishers is bleak, and it is anticipated that employment will “decline rapidly” in this field through 2018.  The field of graphic design, however, is expected to grow nearly as fast as the average for all occupations in coming years, though a considerable amount of competition is also expected in this field.

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