Paper Science and Engineering

Overview of Paper Science and Engineering

In a Paper Science and Engineering college program, you will learn skills necessary to work in the paper and pulp industry.  Most programs have a strong focus on science, especially chemistry.  You will learn about engineering, but the program focuses as a whole on the use and manufacturing of pulp and paper products.  Degree programs in Paper Science and Engineering aren’t very common but there are education programs in available at Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate degree levels. 

Curriculum for Paper Science and Engineering

In a Paper Science and Engineering program, many courses will focus on mathematics, science, and engineering.  Here are some courses you can expect to see in a Paper Science and Engineering college program:

  • Paper, Society & the Environment
  • Organic Chemistry
  • The Art and Early History of Papermaking
  • Electricity, Magnetism, Optics
  • General Economics
  • Engineering Stat Design & Analysis
  • Fluid Mechanic & Hydraulics
  • Paper and Fiber Physics
  • Heat Transfer Operation
  • Wood & Pulping Technology
  • Process Dynamics & Control
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Systems Engineering & Simulation
  • Colloid and Surface Phenomena
  • Paper Machine Operations
  • Industrial Thermodynamics & Kinetics
  • Management in the Paper Industry
  • Papermaking Processes

For students who wish to continue their studies in Paper Science and Engineering, you should expect a heavy course load in mathematics, chemistry, science, and engineering.  For those who are ready to invest their time toward higher education, there are several Master’s and Doctoral programs available around the country.

How to Enroll in Paper Science and Engineering

There are only a few colleges and universities around the country that offer Bachelor’s degrees in Paper Science and Engineering.  These programs can be very demanding, and if enrolling in this program, you will want to be prepared for a lot of hard work ahead of you.  With many mathematics and science courses, you will want to stay focus and remember that you have an end goal to reach.  When times get hard, remember that you can always seek the assistance of classmates, tutors, advisors or professors, who are more than happy to help students.

Benefits and Rewards of Paper Science and Engineering
There are many different sectors within an Engineering program, and Paper Science and Engineering is only one of the numerous options available.  In a Paper Science and Engineering degree program, you will spend a lot of time learning about the wood pulping processes and all features behind papermaking.  By graduation, you will be equipped to apply your skills and knowledge in the real world.

The knowledge that comes from a background in engineering is a very strong one, and you will be able to utilize it throughout your career.  A Bachelor’s degree in Paper Science and Engineering will prepare you for further research and education in a Master’s program, even though they are very scarce.

Job Opportunities in Paper Science and Engineering

If you decide to graduate from a Paper Science and Engineering degree program, you may look into the occupation of environment scientist and specialist.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental scientists and specialists use their skills to protect the environment and use their problem-solving skills to minimize health hazards.  In 2010, environmental scientists and specialists held 89,400 jobs and over the 2010-20 decade jobs are supposed to grow at 19% creating 16,700 more jobs.  Salaries vary among environmental scientists and specialists, but the 2010 average was $61,700 a year.

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