Computer Engineering

Overview of Computer Engineering

Computer engineers are electrical engineers with special training in computer systems.  They are responsible for a wide range of computer issues from hardware and software repairs, to hardware and software design.  They also work in compute systems like networks and media development.  They both create and troubleshoot.

The first postsecondary school to have an accredited computer engineering program was Case Western Reserve University back in 1971.  Of course computer engineering has grown considerably since then.  There are many accredited programs from an Associate’s degree all the way up to a Doctorate degree in computer engineering.  Computer engineers work in a variety of areas from web design to hardware repair.  Computer engineers can wear many hats in the growing technology industry.

Curriculum for Computer Engineering

Students can expect to take courses similar to but not limited to:

  • Introductory Calculus with Analytic Geometry
  • General Chemistry Lecture
  • Elementary Physics
  • Foundations of Engineering
  • Introduction to Computing Systems
  • Intermediate Calculus with Analytic Geometry
  • Elementary Physics 
  • Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
  • Digital Circuits Design
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Introductory Programming and Design
  • Linear Circuit Theory
  • Calculus for Functions of Several Variables
  • Data Structures and Abstractions
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • Linear Systems
  • Electronics
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • Compiler Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Forensics
  • Network Forensics

There is going to be a lot of math and physics work.  And of course, there will be a lot of work with computers.  Unlike other degrees in engineering, there will not be as much work in structural integrity.  Instead, there will be a big focus in programming and system structure.

How to Enroll in Computer Engineering

There are many postsecondary colleges and universities that have computer engineering programs that are offered both in the classroom and online.  If you decide to take courses online, make sure to have a point of contact at the college or university so you have someone you can speak with if problems arise or you just need guidance.

There are many subfields and different degrees when it comes to a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering so finding what niche fits you best will not be challenging.  There are branches like: artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer communication (networks), programming language, software designer, computer reliability and security.  Some of the degrees can be in computer science, computing studies, and web development.  There are both Master’s degrees and Doctoral degrees in computer engineering.

Benefits and Rewards of Computer Engineering

In an era where computing technology is increasingly more important and depended upon, having an expert knowledge in this field will be advantageous both personally with your own computer and electronics and in the professional area as most businesses require some type of computer support. 

Job Opportunities in Computer Engineering

There are many jobs available in a wide range of areas from computer hardware and software design to web design.  There are also opportunities in network security maintenance and design. The growth rate over this decade is 21 percent which is faster than average for all occupations.  Companies are always looking to improve their network efficiency and work efficiency which often means digitizing a lot of their business.  To do that, you need a computer engineer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics had the median income of a Computer engineer at $85,430 annually in May 2008.

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