Teaching Assistants/Aides

Overview of a Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree

If you enjoy working with children in order to further their development in an academic sense, you may enjoy employment as a teaching assistant. Those interested in this field can acquire an Associate’s degree and become certified in the field.

Majors are Available for a Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree

  • Teacher's aide
  • Teacher assistant
  • Special education teacher's aide
  • Education
  • Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree Curriculum

The curriculum will vary depending on whether the student chooses the certificate program or the Teaching Assistants/Aides degree program.

Levels of Education Available for a Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree

Students can choose between any of the following:

  • Teacher's aide certificate
  • Associate’s degree in teacher's aids and assistants
  • Special education teacher's aid
  • Bachelor’s degree in education
  • Skills Learned in a Teaching Assistants/Aides Program

Graduates of this degree program will gain the skills necessary to assist teachers in a classroom setting.

Where to Earn a Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree

Potential students have the option to choose an on campus program or an online program.

Possible Careers for Teaching Assistants/Aides Degree Holders

Teaching assistants work under the direct guidance of licensed teachers in the classroom. Sometimes the teaching assistant only needs to complete high school in order to obtain employment although it is always an advantage to have some college credit. In Title-1 schools the teaching assistant must have at least an Associate’s degree and is required to pass state tests in reading, math and writing if he/she will be doing any teaching.

In most cases the job of the teaching assistant is to help teachers with lesson planning and help control the students in the classrooms. They may help individual students, assist during field tips or organize events in the classroom. Teaching assistants need to enjoy working with children, possess good communication skills and have the ability to handle classroom situations easily.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for teaching assistants will increase by ten percent between 2008-2018. In May 2010 the median annual salary for teaching assistants was $23,220. Teaching assistants work in elementary, middle and secondary school classroom, daycare centers, preschools and community centers.

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