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Overview of a Library Science Degree

Library science is not just about books any longer, and the field of study tends to reflect that—most of the time it is not referred to as just Library Science but Library and Information Science. Most all librarian positions require a Master’s degree while Doctoral degree programs prepare graduates for more advanced academic careers.

Majors Available for a Library Science Degree

  • Master’s in Library Science
  • Master’s in Library and Information Science

Library Science Degree Curriculum

In most cases students enrolled in the Library Sciences Master’s degree program will need to prepare a thesis. Students earn credit for their coursework when they research and write their thesis. They also need to attend seminars and lectures in courses that include the following:

  • Research methodologies
  • Information organization
  • Youth information
  • Academic library management
  • Cataloguing
Levels of Education Available for a Library Science Degree

This degree program offers both Master’s and Doctorate programs.

Skills Learned in a Library Science Degree Program

Students enrolled in this program will be exposed to all aspects of Library Science as it exists in the information age. The graduate curriculum teaches students how to access, retrieve and store data and information in the Internet, digital databases and other sources available online or through other electronic means. Some programs also allow students to choose a concentration instead of just generalization.

Where to Earn a Library Science Degree

There are a number of on campus and online sources of degrees in Library Science.

Possible Careers for Library Science Degree Holders

Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that job opportunities for librarians and information specialists will increase by eight percent during the decade 2008-2018. In 2009 they reported a median salary for librarians of $53,710. They project the strongest growth and fastest growth will occur outside of school libraries.

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