High School/Secondary Certificate Programs

Overview of High School/Secondary Certificate Programs College and University Programs

High school/secondary certificate programs at colleges and universities prepare students to teach at the high school level in a variety of subject areas. These programs are the gateway to starting a successful career in the educational system of the United States.

These academic training programs are offered at many different types of postsecondary educational institutions across the country. The certificate program requires a commitment to learning the principles taught.

High School/Secondary Certificate Programs Postsecondary Curriculum

A degree in education coupled with a high school/secondary certificate program requires students to take a number of courses that relate to teaching and child development. Though curriculums vary across schools and professors, many of the courses remain the same. Some of these classes include:

  • Fine arts
  • History
  • Human behavior
  • Child psychology
  • Literature
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Writing
  • Foreign language
  • Social sciences
  • Teaching methods
  • Counseling

Benefits of Completing High School/Secondary Certificate College and University Programs

This provides students with a number of benefits. These can range from career-related prospects to skills that will aid students in their personal lives. A high school/secondary certificate program instills potential and skills within students such as:

  • Analyze data and come to the proper conclusions from the analysis
  • Ability to communicate with students, peers, and superiors to deliver information well
  • Increase your lifetime earning potential with a degree
  • Ability to remain current on modern and societal trends and behaviors
  • Knowledge of many different teaching methods
  • Understanding of the operations and politics of school systems
  • Critical thinking and comprehension skills
  • Ability to solve various problems with reasoning and logic
Ways to Complete High School/Secondary Certificate Postsecondary Programs

These programs are available through many different educational sources. These certificate programs are generally undertaken as part of a Bachelor's degree in education, and serve to qualify the student to teach at the high school level. Therefore, they are generally available at most colleges and universities, as well as other educational institutions. Pursuing the degree offline allows students to interact with their professors and classmates more.

A postsecondary high school/secondary certificate program can be obtained outside of the traditional college experience as an online degree. Earning an education through the Internet is a great choice for a number of people. Students who want to pursue employment during their time at school would be well served with an online education.

Job Prospects for High School/Secondary Certificate Program Students

The program prepares graduates for a strong foray into the job market. Graduates of a high school/secondary certificate program in teaching will find their career path lead directly to that of a high school teacher. Working in the field of teaching is rewarding in that teachers can positively affect the course of their students’ lives. Teachers also enjoy stable job security after a number of years, once they gain tenure in the system. According to the United States' Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for secondary school teachers was $55,990 in May 2010.

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