Education, General

Overview of General Education College and University Programs

Education certificate, diploma and degree programs are liberal arts credentials that cover fine arts, communications and social sciences. Furthermore, education undergraduate and graduate programs are available across disciplines like politics, culture, religion, science and technology.

General education academic training programs are offered at technical and mainstream colleges and universities.  Certificate and diploma programs generally last for six months to one year.  Creative writing, religious faith and society are types of education certificates and diplomas.

General Education Postsecondary Curriculum

Undergraduate degrees require you to take electives that help to balance your academic training.  For example, to get a General Education Certificate or Associate degree of General Education you must complete electives like psychology, religion, finance, marketing and/or business administration.  Focused curriculum material covered in education programs are:

  • Fine arts
  • Global society
  • Human behavior
  • Issues in science and technology
  • Literature
  • Natural world
  • Western culture
  • Writing and reasoning
  • Foreign language
  • Social sciences
  • Physical world
  • History and tradition

Benefits of Completing General Education College and University Programs

The two objectives that general education courses have are to offer you a broad educational foundation that you can use throughout your personal life and working experiences and to equip you with general skills and knowledge that broaden your perspective and horizon across a wide-range of academic, cultural and societal areas. 

Specifically, these general education objectives make it possible for you to:

  • Analyze data and make the best decisions possible
  • Develop communication skills and life approaches
  • Increase your lifetime earning potential
  • Ability to remain current on modern and societal trends and behaviors
  • Conflict resolutions skills
  • Increased appreciation for other cultures and societies
  • Independent thinking

Ways to Complete General Education Postsecondary Programs

As technology continues to grow and expand, opportunities to complete education programs in online colleges in the comforts of your own home increase.  At most accredited colleges and universities all you need is a desktop computer or laptop, a reliable Internet connection and a telephone to complete and submit your education program assignments.  Of course, you can also take the courses in a classroom setting.  The choice is yours.  Either way, you will gain valuable training from qualified, licensed instructors. 

Job Prospects for General Education Students

Training skills you gain when you complete general education programs can help you to start your own business and work from home as an independent contractor or business owner.  You can also gain jobs across a variety of industries like healthcare, education, financial services, military, government, sports or the creative arts.  For example, you can use your general education degree to work as a human resource manager, small business owner, department or division manager at a major corporation or as a learning and development trainer. 

If you are already employed, getting a general education certificate or undergraduate degree can help you to gain promotions and salary increases.  Because the degrees and undergraduate certifications help to expand your awareness, understanding and appreciation of other cultures, heritages and social groups, you can work with people from backgrounds that differ from yours with ease.  These skills allow you to perform social work, lead community organizations and work at non-profit organizations to help youth and adults to continue to advance academically, personally and professionally.

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