Curriculum and Instruction

Overview of a Curriculum and Instruction Degree

Curriculum and Instruction specialists are also called instructional coordinators and help improve the quality of education by evaluating the curriculum of a public school. In order to qualify, individuals must complete both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree program, obtain licensing by the state, and have teaching experience.

Majors Available for a Curriculum and Instruction Degree

The major a student pursues depends on what he or she plans to do after obtaining a degree in curriculum and instruction. Graduates might major in education, educational administration or school administration.

Curriculum and Instruction Degree Curriculum

Curriculum and Instruction specialists must first be teachers. Enrolling in an educational program provides them with coursework such as:

  • Teaching methods
  • Psychology of learning
  • Lesson plan preparation
  • Use of computers in the classroom

The Curriculum and Instruction program includes:

  • Curriculum design
  • Curriculum training
  • Analysis of teaching
  • Teaching evaluation techniques
Levels of Education Available for a Curriculum and Instruction Degree

There are Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs for the Curriculum and Instruction degree.

Skills Learned in a Curriculum and Instruction Degree Program

In order to obtain employment in this field the individual must have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and have teaching experience. The skills necessary to obtain the degree come from the educational, teaching and licensing requirements.

Where to Earn a Curriculum and Instruction Degree

There are many choices when it comes to returning to college. You can choose a campus experience or online experience that will probably require some work on campus as well.

Possible Careers for Curriculum and Instruction Degree Holders

Those who possess degrees in curriculum and instruction are responsible for developing the curriculum of the school where they work, train the teachers on the new curriculum and perform periodic evaluations to ensure the teachers are correctly implementing the curriculum. The curriculum and instruction specialist may also pursue a career as an assistant principal or principal.

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