Non-Professional General Legal Studies (Undergraduate)

Non-Professional General Legal Degree Coursework

Students who enroll in this program will need to take basic and specialized courses that may include the following:

  • Law
  • Business ethics
  • Advanced writing
  • Research and negotiations

This background prepares students for careers in legal services, business or politics. Some students choose to obtain a degree in Non-Professional General Legal Studies before entering law school.

Non-Professional General Legal Degree Offerings

Many students choose to begin with an Associate’s degree and then work toward a Bachelor’s degree.

Earning Advanced Non-Professional General Legal Degrees

There are many majors students may pursue under the Non-Professional General Legal studies degree program. The major you choose depends on the career you plan to pursue whether it is criminal justice, legal secretary, court clerk, court stenographer or other similar career choices.

The Choice Is Yours: Classroom or Online Program

There are several colleges and universities that offer degrees online or on campus in Non-Professional General Legal studies, but the 3 most popular ones are:

  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Webster University
  • Lawrence University
Benefits of Getting Non-Professional General Legal Degrees

Those interested in working for a lawyer or the court system are perfect candidates. This degree may be right for law clerks, receptionists, secretaries, court clerks and others who work in legal fields but are not involved directly with law-related topics.

Job Outlook for Non-Professional General Legal Majors

While the actual skills students develop will depend on their actual career and concentration choice, they will be able to obtain a position within a legal setting. They will know about the law and be familiar with legal terminology and research processes. This degree program prepares students to work in law firms and courts but does not provide the skills they need to represent clients in court.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the outlook will be good for those interested in working in the legal field. This is based on the number of cases that involve health care, intellectual property and environmental issues. All of these require extensive research and preparation of documents in addition to other skills.

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