Computer Systems Analysis

Overview of Computer Systems Analysis as a College Program

Those who enjoy working with computers and have troubleshooting expertise and the ability to fix things may discover that computer systems analysis is a perfect career choice. The job of a computer systems analyst is to design, evaluate and construct computer systems. Those who hold a computer systems analysis degree are also qualified to train others to use each particular system they design and implement.

Computer Systems Analysis Curriculum

The majority of jobs in the computer systems analysis field require at least an Associate’s degree. The 2-year Computer Systems Analysis degree program allows students to develop the skills necessary to obtain positions in telecommunications, web design, software development and computer technology. Upon graduation students are qualified to seek entry-level positions in the area of computer systems and seek additional certification.

The Associate’s degree program in Computer Systems Analysis includes a number of basic courses in computer systems in addition to science, calculus and statistics. Some of the more common courses you can expect to find in this curriculum include the following:

  • Database design
  • Computer operating systems
  • Computer statistics and algorithms
  • Programming languages
  • Network administration

Education Levels Available for a Computer Systems Analysis Degree

While you can obtain some entry-level positions with an Associate’s degree in Computer Systems Analysis, a Bachelor's or Master's degree will open a great many more opportunities for graduates. Graduates of an Associate’s degree program can also increase their opportunities by obtaining certification through organizations such as the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals.

Skills Developed through a Computer Systems Analysis Degree Program

Students who enroll in a Computer Systems Analysis degree program will develop the skills necessary to obtain positions in most computer systems analysis positions. Those who go on to pursue certifications in computer programming or other aspects of computer sciences will increase their job prospects tremendously. Students will learn how to operate, maintain and analyze computer databases, operating systems, software and hardware during their enrollment in a Computer Systems Analysis degree program.

Where to Obtain Computer Systems Analysis Degree

Students interested in this degree program have the options of pursuing their degree locally, in colleges throughout the United States or online.

Career Opportunities for Computer Systems Analysis Majors

Those who possess an Associate’s degree in Computer Systems Analysis can obtain employment in a variety of positions. Some of the possibilities include:
• Computer repair
• Troubleshooting
• Network analysis
• Computer support specialist
• Network systems analyst
• Computer programmer
• Computer systems administrator

In most cases computer systems analysts must possess a Bachelor's degree, but some companies will hire someone with an Associate’s degree and sufficient experience.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth in these areas to increase by 20 percent from 2008-2018, largely because of increases in the use of wireless devices. The mean annual income for computer systems analysts in 2010 was $81,250.

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