Computer Programming

Overview of Computer Programming as a College Program

Computer programming programs are usually coordinated by the Mathematics department of most colleges and universities or have their own computer science department. Regardless of the program's classification, students must complete a number of math and science courses such as discrete mathematics, logic, physics and statistics.

Computer Programming Curriculum

There are minor differences in the curriculums in all schools, but the general structure of a computer programming degree curriculum does not vary too much. Much of the courses and topics presented in a computer programming program are uniform and include:

  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Logic
  • Computer Science
  • Data Structures
  • Discrete Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Algorithms
  • Computer Languages
  • Operating System Design
  • Probability
  • Systems Design
  • Software Design
  • Computer Security

Education Levels Available for a Computer Programming Degree

Computer programming degrees can be obtained at all levels of higher education and the level you pursue is governed by your career goals. An entry-level position in computer programming can be gained through a Bachelor's degree of science, which takes about four years to complete. Those who are unsure of their career plans or wish to save money on their education can pursue an Associate's degree in the field to gauge their interest in computer programming. An Associate's degree takes about two years to finish.

While a Bachelor's degree is the standard requirement for most careers in the computing field, pursuing further studies will yield better jobs for graduates. Earning a Master's degree of science in computer programming will open the door to senior positions right out of college. This degree will take another two years to attain after a Bachelor's degree. Those interested in academia must achieve a Doctorate degree in computer programming, which takes anywhere from two to three years to finish depending on the student's thesis development path.

Skills Developed through a Computer Programming Degree Program

The curriculum for a computer programming degree will teach students numerous skills that will be useful in their careers and other areas as well. Some of these skills include:

  • Ability to interpret problems logically and arrive at the optimal solution
  • Ability to conduct research effectively and create summaries of results
  • Understanding of the technological environment in America and other parts of the world and how it effects your career prospects
  • Ability to create new software and programs for many different uses
  • Knowledge of various programming languages such as VBA, Java, ColdFusion, and others
  • Ability to utilize computing skills to improve processes for various causes/organizations
  • Knowledge of mathematics and physics that can be applied to other disciplines
Where to Obtain a Computer Programming Degree

Computer programming degrees are offered at a variety of locations. They can be earned at any university with an accredited computer programming curriculum. Those who do not want to attend a brick and mortar school can earn their degrees through various online universities.

Career Opportunities for Computer Programming Majors

According to the government agency which tracks employment growth and the job markets, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for computer programming jobs is not very positive. The market for computer programmers is expected to decline three percent by 2018. This is due to increased outsourcing of these positions to countries where labor is cheaper. This should not deter those interested in the field, as those with competency in programming will still find successful employment.

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