Business/Corporate Communications

Overview of Business/Corporate Communications as a College Major

Working toward a Business/Corporate Communications will provide students with a variety of different course that will offer challenges while also preparing them for the business world. Students will be exposed to several disciplines that include writing, public speaking, design and electronic media.

Skills Developed in a Business/Corporate Communications Degree Program

Students in a Business/Corporate Communication degree program will learn a variety of different skills that will prepare them for careers in the business and corporate world. Some of the skills students will acquire when working toward a Business/Corporate Communications degree include the following:

  • Formatting, style and organization within a business organization
  • Learning the various cultures and behaviors that occur within the professional workplace
  • The correlation between human behavior and communication
  • The different aspects of communication as they exist among the employees of an organization
  • The importance of an organization expressing its identity in order to grasp the attention of the public
  • Creation of a publication gains interest through visual expression
  • For public relations specialists it is important to know how to get a story published in newspapers, magazines, online and television
  • Students will learn how to drive traffic to websites through content writing. This will include learning how to bring in unique visitors and locate sources of referrals
  • Students also gain the skills they need to manage every aspect involved in a public relations campaign
  • As an important aspect in the 21st century students will acquire the skills necessary to present multimedia presentations and use all related equipment and necessary software
  • For those interested in careers in Public Relations, it is important to understand the fast pace of this environment. The degree programs provide the skills students need to learn to approach CEOs for interviews and conduct all the necessary speeches that are necessary at any given moment. These necessary skills prepare students who enter into public relations to handle all those situations that require their expertise.

Career Opportunities for Business/Corporate Communications

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for Business and Corporate Communications specialists is strong. Many are earning salaries of more than $100,000 with the median wage ranging between $60,000 to more than $80,000 depending on the specific job classification and amount of experience.

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