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Overview of Business and Commerce as a College Major

The business and commerce program at most colleges and universities is the broadest umbrella business program available and provides you with a basic foundation in the field of business. However, most programs require you to choose a specialization in a specific field of business such as accounting, marketing or information systems.

The purpose of the business and commerce program is to provide you with a foundation in general business principles and practices, and to prepare you to enter today’s complex and exciting business environment. And through your course of study you will have the opportunity to understand the internal operations of the entire business enterprise.

Business and Commerce Program Curriculum    

Business and commerce programs are commonly offered at colleges and universities throughout the United States. And though the specific courses you need to take may vary from campus to campus, the typical curriculum of a business and commerce program includes business-related courses such as:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Business communication
  • Business law
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resources management
  • Information systems
  • Operations management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and merchandising
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Education Levels Available for a Business and Commerce Degree

Depending on your career aspirations, there are a lot of options when it comes to business and commerce degree programs. Not only can you choose from a variety of specializations, you also have the option of what type of degree program you want to pursue.

For those looking to obtain an Associate degree or Bachelor degree, there are business and commerce degree programs that offer specialization in fields as diverse as hospitality, fashion merchandising and entrepreneurship and as traditional as accounting and marketing.

Master degree programs are available as well, and within the business and commerce degree program you may choose to study for your Master of Business Administration (MBA) or try another business-related Master’s program such as international business, hospitality management, or project management. And don’t forget there are universities out there that offer business Doctoral degree programs as well.

Skills Developed through a Business and Commerce Degree Program

Along with the opportunity to study business principles, review case studies and evaluate best business practices, you also will have the chance to develop important skills that will assist you in your business future. These skills include:

  • Decision making and critical thinking
  • Managing teams and building relationships
  • Understanding project and organization management
  • Principles of accounting, marketing and human resources
  • Working knowledge of computers and a variety of computer programs
  • Development of communication and customer service skills
Where to Obtain a Business and Commerce Degree

If you’re thinking of entering a business and commerce program of study, you’ve made a wise choice. According to the Princeton Review the number one college major is business administration and management/commerce. 

While you may be thinking of attending a traditional brick-and-mortar community college or university, you might also want to consider getting your business and commerce degree through one of the many opportunities now available from online colleges.

Career Opportunities for Business and Commerce Majors

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), positions in the business world range from administrative managers to business owners and everything in between. And these positions can be found in public and private industry, profit and not-for-profit organizations and within governmental entities. Depending on your educational level and the organization where you work, there are a wide range of employment opportunities and job titles available.  

Whether you choose to obtain an Associate or Bachelor degree or pursue a graduate program, the career path you follow will be highly dependent on your field of specialization. You might choose a career in administration, accounting, finance, technology, customer service, advertising or a dozen other fields. So as you consider your business and commerce program options, be sure to choose a discipline that matches with your interests and long-term career goals.

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