Film/Video and Photographic Arts

What is a Degree in Film/Video and Photographic Arts?

An education in film/video and photographic arts will prepare students for work using still and motion capturing cameras by ensuring that they learn the methods, techniques, and artistry behind capturing images with a camera.  This can help to prepare them for work in television, movies, photographic journalism, photo studios and much more.

Students who pursue an education in film/video and photographic arts will receive more than just an education in the technical aspects of how to capture images with a camera.  Students will also study the impact of film throughout history and the changes that have occurred in the profession over time.  They will also study various theories related to capturing images as well as various approaches to criticizing film.

In addition to film theory, students will learn about preproduction (budgets, storyboards, etc.), production (actually capturing images and film footage), and postproduction (various aspects of editing and finalizing what has been captured on camera).  All of the knowledge learned during the course of a film/video and photographic arts program will help students to become more than just a picture-taker, they will become a skilled artist.

Film/video and photographic arts programs are available in classes that can be taken either via the internet or in a classroom setting.  Online college students, also known as distance learning students, will take classes in a virtual learning environment, but may also be required to complete film projects away from the computer and submit them for grading via the Internet.  Like many arts programs, those pursuing an education in film, video, and photography will be expected to do a lot of hands-on work as a part of their course requirements.

Courses in film/video and photographic arts are offered at all levels of education.  Certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and even some doctorate degrees are available, though there are some degrees that are offered only for certain focused areas of study.

Career Opportunities for Film/Video and Photographic Arts

There are many different careers that someone with an education in film/video and photographic arts could pursue, including work as a:

  • photojournalist
  • movie camera operator
  • television camera operator
  • freelance photographer
  • film editor

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that in coming years the need for photographers will expand only as fast as the average for other occupations, but because many people are intrigued by this type of work the competition will be high.  The same is true for those interested in going into television, video, and motion picture camera operation and editing.  Those who have the best chance of finding work, however, are those with some post-secondary education, particularly those with at least a bachelor's degree.

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