Design and Applied Arts

What is a Degree in Design and Applied Arts?

An education in design and applied arts will prepare students to utilize their creativity and artistic talent in a commercial or nonprofit setting.  Design and applied arts students learn to convert their artistic vision into images via several different forms of media, including:

  • clothing
  • paper
  • home décor
  • computer images and animations

Depending on the specific field a student wishes to enter, they may end up designing and creating company logos or other artwork used for marketing, new video game characters, or even a new clothing line. The art created by those working in the broad field of design and applied arts understand that their art isn't simply for viewing, but it has a practical purpose for use in the business world.

Design and applied arts students will often choose an area of concentration – such as graphic design, multi-media art, or interior design – to study, so there may be some significant differences in what students will study between the different programs.  Interior design students might study courses that cover issues such as textiles for interior design, color theory and application, and issues relating to handicapped accessibility.  Those pursuing work in multimedia art, on the other hand, may have to learn to utilize major computer programs such as image editing software, as well as how to electronically publish and create interactive media and animations.  Each program varies depending on the focus or concentration chosen by the student.

Many design and applied arts programs are offered at both traditional, on-campus learning schools as well as via online college, or distance learning schools.  Some design and applied arts concentrations require more hands on activity while others are almost entirely digital.

Design and applied arts programs are offered at almost every level of education, though that cannot be said of every concentration.  Certificates, associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees are all available, but before deciding on which level of degree they should pursue, students should first find out what level of qualification employers in their particular industry of interest will require them to have.

Career Opportunities for Design and Applied Arts

Students that have an education in design and applied arts have a wide variety of career options available to them, and choosing the right concentration and course of study can go a long way in helping students make their careers.  Graphic designers create graphic art using computers and create professional advertisements, magazines, posters, and much more, and work in one of the most popular careers for design and applied arts students.  Graphic design jobs are only expected to grow “about as fast as average” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but those who have experience designing websites and creating animations will have the best opportunity to find work.  Graphic designers make about $40,000 annually on average.  Job prospects for other design and applied arts concentrations will vary from one to another.  There is very little change in employment expected in the field of fashion design, for example, and because many creative people are drawn to this field, competition is expected to be high over the next few years.  Students should consider the outlook for the field they desire to work in before entering any sort of educational program.

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