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What is an Arts, Fashion and Design Degree?

Arts, fashion and design degrees provide students with the skills needed to excel in creative and artistic fields. The program can teach students a variety of disciplines such as painting, theatre, graphic design, and many others.  These degrees are very hands-on as students make their own creations after learning the proper techniques. Upon completion of their education, students will develop a portfolio of their work to show perspective employers.

What Kinds of Majors are Available for an Arts, Fashion, and Design Degree?

An arts, fashion, and design degree provides a wide breadth of possibilities for students to major in. Some of the disciplines studied under this degree include:

Arts, Fashion, and Design Degree Curriculum

Most art, fashion, and design degree curriculums are similar to each other in the way that they are constructed. A typical program first teaches students liberal arts courses including English, history, mathematics, and science. This part of the curriculum accounts for about 1/3 of the course load, with the rest being classes related to the student's major. The courses geared towards the major are usually taken in a studio where students learn artistic techniques and create their own work to be graded by the professor.

What Levels of Education are Available for an Arts, Fashion, and Design Degree?

It is offered at all levels. The associate's degree in arts, fashion, and design takes about two years to complete. This degree does not delve as deeply as the other ones but provides an understanding of the area of study to the student. The bachelor's degree in arts, fashion, and design finishes where the associate's degree leaves off and teaches more advanced concepts; it takes about two extra years to obtain a bachelor's degree from an associate's. The bachelor's degree in art, fashion, and design is usually known as a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree. master's degree programs take around two years to complete and teach even more sophisticated techniques. A doctoral degree in the arts can take up to another five or six years to finish and is the highest level of arts, fashion, and design degree available.

Skills Learned in an Arts, Fashion and Design Degree Program

Students within this degree program will learn a variety of skills that can be put to use throughout a number of careers such as:

  • Ability to think creatively and outside the box to solve problems
  • Communication skills that allow the student to deliver a message through different mediums
  • Ability to create appealing art and designs that garner positive attention
  • Variety of knowledge including history, English, and mathematics through liberal arts classes
  • Appreciation for fine arts and the cultures of various parts of the world
  • Understanding of the concepts of aesthetics and the psychology behind visual appeal
Where Can I Get an Arts, Fashion and Design Degree?

Arts, fashion, and design degrees are offered at a variety of locations. They can be earned at any university with an accredited arts, fashion, and design program. Those who do not want to attend a brick and mortar school can earn their degrees online through various online universities.

Possible Careers for Arts, Fashion, and Design Degree Holders

An arts, fashion, and design degree provides a number of different career paths for graduates depending on their major and level of education. Those majoring in visual arts like painting and sculpture will usually seek to become independent artists and sell their work at galleries. Students that major in theatre or drama can become actors or other professions in the field such as directors, screenwriters, or technicians. These two majors' career prospects are less dependent on the level of education, and have more to do with the skills that the graduate possesses, as the careers are audition-based or depend on the appeal of the person's work.

Students majoring in fashion or design find themselves more dependent on their education. The careers available to these majors are graphic design, interior design, fashion design, or advertising/public relations. These positions all have more traditional hiring methods where résumés and job interviews are commonplace and employers care more about a student's degree.

Learn More About Arts, Fashion & Design Programs

Arts, Entertainment, and Media Mgt

Getting an education in arts, entertainment, and media management will prepare the student to oversee artists in various forms of artistic expression as an administrator.

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Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art, Artisanry

An education in crafts/craft design, folk art and artisanry will prepare students to work in professions in which they can create artwork using whatever type of artistic media they should choose.  Crafts/craft design, folk art and artisanry students will take courses in which they will learn to understand the creative process, design, and techniques used in creating works of art.

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The dance degree curriculum is a uniquely designed format that allows students to choose from several options for their careers. Graduates of the dance degree program will earn a Bachelor of Science degree that qualifies them for entry into one of several areas of expertise: pre-dance therapy; studio management; and performance and choreography.

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Design and Applied Arts

An education in design and applied arts will prepare students to utilize their creativity and artistic talent in a commercial or nonprofit setting.  Design and applied arts students learn to convert their artistic vision into images via several different forms of media.

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Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft

Earning an education in dramatic/theatre arts and stagecraft will prepare students for professional theatre careers working in a variety of on-stage and behind-the-scenes roles. Students will learn the fundamentals of dramatic arts, including acting and the technical aspects of what it takes to produce a show.  These courses will prepare students to work both in the limelight and behind-the-scenes in plays, movies, or television shows.

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Film/Video and Photographic Arts

An education in film/video and photographic arts will prepare students for work using still and motion capturing cameras by ensuring that they learn the methods, techniques, and artistry behind capturing images with a camera.  This can help to prepare them for work in television, movies, photographic journalism, photo studios and much more.

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Fine and Studio Arts

An education in fine and studio arts will give students the methods and techniques used in working with one of the many studio art forms, including painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, photography, and more.  The classes taken in a fine and studio arts program will prepare students to either work as an artist or teach art through classes that focus on the history, method, creativity, and business of artwork.

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Graphic Design

Obtaining a degree in graphic design prepares students for an exciting career that blends their creative talents with the knowledge gained through their education. There are many different areas where students can apply their skills within the job market.

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An education in music is for those with a passion for vocal or instrumental areas who want to become professionals at either creating, teaching, or playing in the field.  Students of music programs usually pursue one focus (also known as a concentration or major) that usually involves either learning to perform vocally or learning to play one particular instrument over the others.

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Visual and Performing Arts, General

Visual and performing arts educational programs are designed to prepare students to become professionals in any one of a wide variety of performing arts, including dance, music, or theatre. Students can also pursue study in studio-visual arts such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and more.  Studying the visual and performing arts in general means that the students will gain a general knowledge of a vast array of artistic styles.

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