Science & Technology

Science and technology degrees can be considered the drivers of national progress. Obtaining a science and technology degree provides the graduate with the tools necessary to create new products or improve processes to make lives better. Science and technology degrees are generally heavily math oriented and focus on a large amount of laboratory work. These are for people who lean strongly on logic and reasoning to solve their dilemmas.

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Social Sciences

Social science degrees encompass a large amount of disciplines and topics. They include all of the academic divisions that focus on humans; their impact on the world and its impact on them. Since the effects of human existence are quite wide, the social science degrees are also wide in their scope. Most social science degrees have a heavy load of reading and writing to their curriculums.

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Trades & Vocations

According to the United States Census, 55.6% of Americans had completed some college in 2009, with 38.5% holding associate's or bachelor's degrees. This means that more than 60% of Americans do not have a college degree, but most of them still have jobs and careers. These jobs, not requiring a college degree, are known as trades and they are important drivers of the American economy. Trades are not learned through traditional universities, but still require a thorough education to master.

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