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You child coming home from school is now a much bigger deal than in high school.  For one thing, in high school, he probably came home every day.  Now he has two lives.  He will have his life at school where he has developed a routine set up for keeping up with school work and balancing extracurricular activities and social life.  When he comes home, he will be away from that whole lifestyle and will adjust back to life at home.  Because of this there are a few things to keep in mind: what type of atmosphere your child left at school, what kind of atmosphere they are coming home to and insuring that your child will want to come home again in the future.

What Environment your Child Left at School

Your child left an environment of independence, academics and socializing.  Keep in mind that your child has probably gotten use to not having a curfew and setting his own schedule.  You child has had a lot of his own space at school and will probably want to keep some space at home. 

Another thing to consider is that your child is coming home after final exams and projects which are always at the end of the semester.  This is the most academically stressful time of the year that leaves most students exhausted.  You should probably count on having the first day or two dedicated to rest for your student.

What Environment your Child is Returning to

You as a parent may want to have a lot of things scheduled for him when he returns like family outings and visiting relatives but before you decide to schedules those things, make sure and consider what your child may want to do.  He has been away from home and will have things he wants to do, people to see and places to visit. He may have already scheduled these things and the last thing you want as a parent, is to immediately start fighting with your child because of scheduling conflicts.  The best way to avoid this is by speaking with him ahead of time.

A lot of things may have changed since your child left like new buildings may have been build or his favorite restaurant may have gone out of business.  The first time I returned home from college, my all time favorite restaurant had gone out of business and I was rather depressed.  That place had been my go-to spot when I was in a bad mood growing up.  The thing that really cheered me up was that my mom had spent a long time going around trying to find a new restaurant that I would like and took me there my first night home.  I was really shocked by how much my mom new having that place meant to me.

Ensuring that your Child will Want to Come Home

The best way to make your child’s visit home special is by making sure he gets to all of the places that hold special meaning to him and seeing the people (other than his family of course) that mean the most to him.  You want to spend quality time with your child and he will want to spend time with you but he will probably also want some space since he has (hopefully) grown up a bit.  Make sure to maintain that balance.

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