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Beginning a new experience, like college, is always an adventure, complete with new ropes to learn and adjustments to make. Incoming freshman aren’t the only ones who have to adjust; parents and siblings also have a lot of changes to get used to. That’s where College Parents of America comes in, with support and keys to success for the whole family in this new life adventure.

What is It?

Founded in 1997, College Parents of America is a membership organization dedicated to providing families of college students with the resources for an optimal collegiate experience from start to finish.  The organization declares its mission is to “assist families in the successful preparation, transition, adjustment, and completion through college.”  Founder Doug Laughlin of Arlington, VA, structured the organization on four pillars – insight, support, protection, and success – to best serve parents of current and future college students.  College Parents of America seeks to provide answers to questions parents may not even know they should have about their students’ educations while offering support and resources for a successful and financially smart college experience. From class selection to financial aid to the common pressures that tempt students into harm’s way, College Parents of America has resources and information on how to deal with each little landmine that may arise. Starting with admission and supporting your family through post-collegiate life, this organization is there with the information you need every single step of the way.

Membership and Benefits

For a yearly fee ($89 as of July 2011), College Parents of America membership holders have access to all these resources as well as a strong network of parents and families in the same boat. Perhaps the most tempting perk of membership is the financial information and support. Your membership entitles you to exclusive scholarships and grants, forms and checklists, and even tuition support in certain cases. Compare information easily with the SimpleTuition tool and view original and up-to-date information with College Parents of America’s unlimited access to financial aid resources. With your membership you also receive access to personalized web content, full of checklists and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. There are discounts on test preparation, workshops on applying to colleges and the admission process, and discounts on study abroad programs, all at your fingertips when you join College Parents of America.

How to Get on Board

Another great perk of College Parents of America is its usability. You can sign up online and just like that, all the information is at your fingertips! Simply visit www.CollegeParent.org, and you’re there. From the website you can read more about the advantages of joining the organization, and sign up right then and there.  If you have a Facebook account, you can even access information from there as well, including immediate updates right to your news feed, and network with other College Parents members. All you need to join is a log-in ID and a credit card for the yearly fee. Whether your kids are already enrolled in college or just starting to look at schools, your membership can be put to good use right away.

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