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Resources for the Parents or Guardian

In this section you will find information for those who are either parents or guardians to a college student. Topics such as financial aid and survival guides will coach you through the college experience through a parent/guardian's eyes.

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Articles for the Parent or Guardian

Can you still parent a college student?

Whether the nest is empty or short just one family member, parents often have trouble adjusting to parenting at a distance when their kids go off to college.  One key to staying in the loop is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your child.  What this means is different for every family and every parent-child relationship.

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Having a hard time letting your college kid go? Click here!

Driving away from the college campus after dropping a son or daughter off at school for the first time can be difficult for any parent.  Up until now, your child has been dependent on you for nearly everything, and you’ve always been there to watch the setbacks and successes every step of the way. Suddenly it’s time to watch from a distance.

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What are some lessons your college freshman will learn?

Parents of college freshman have a whole bunch of new worries to add to their list.  How will my kid adjust to living away from home?  How will he handle the work load?  I hope she gets along with her roommate.  What if he has a problem with one of his professors?  What if she is too involved in socializing and not involved enough in her studies?

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Why should your college kids be on a budget?

Budgeting is one of the most important ideas you can teach your children as they grow up. Being responsible with money is not easy when there are so many temptations out there to spend instead of save. Technology is a huge temptation especially with kids, teens, and college students because it is always improving and growing.

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What do you need to know about loans? Find out here!

Loans can be a complicated subject to understand. Loans are more than just money borrowed and repaid. There is plenty of responsibility and fine print to read to understand exactly what you are signing up for when applying for a loan. What are the pros and cons of borrowing money for education?

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Did you know grandparents can help pay for college? Find out how!

Affording college can seem like an impossible task, especially without any help. Student loans can feel overwhelming and the idea of paying them back after graduation can be scary. Family is usually what most students rely on for help before taking out loans and creating a financial burden for themselves. When a child is born their family is typically already planning for his or her educational future. Every family wants their children and grandchildren to go to the best college and get the best education possible.

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What is College Parents of America? Find out here!

Beginning a new experience, like college, is always an adventure, complete with new ropes to learn and adjustments to make. Incoming freshman aren’t the only ones who have to adjust; parents and siblings also have a lot of changes to get used to. That’s where College Parents of America comes in, with support and keys to success for the whole family in this new life adventure.

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How can you avoid student loans? Find out!

Graduating high school is a huge milestone in life because, for many, the next step is college. But when the word college comes to mind, the next thing that may cross your mind is student loans. Loans in general are a common part of life these days. Things like college, cars, and houses are just way too expensive to pay off right away. This is why planning for the future is important.

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What are the benfits of the 529 plan?

College is expensive regardless if you attend out of state, in state, private or public. No matter how you try to get around spending a lot of money, college costs add up. Think of it like this: first there is tuition, then room and board if you decide to dorm. Following that there are the costs of books, meal plans, social activities on campus, sororities and fraternity dues (if you pledge) - just to mention a few college costs.

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Are your kids ready for the test of college?

You know that feeling you get right before you run out onto the field before the big game or as you are taking the stage for a performance in the school play?  It is easily the best and worst feeling in the world.  You are excited for the opportunity but there is that small voice in the back of your head asking if you are as prepared as you should be or if there is anything that you may have forgotten.

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