What are the top writing schools?

Ever since humans stopped living nomadic lives and settled into communities where commerce and social interaction were prevalent, the need and use of a written language arose. Language was and still is used as a method for transmitting important information, creating stories for entertainment, and speaking with peers. The nation's universities realize the importance of writing and its many uses, and cater their educational offerings to this. There are a number of degree programs or career paths in writing and they include:

  • Creative Writing - this field teaches students the skills required to create written pieces that deviate from 'professional writing' by existing solely for the purpose of entertaining the reader
  • Journalism - this field is concerned with providing news to the public and teaches students the tools required to find, understand, and deliver information to interested parties
  • Technical Writing - this field is one where writers are charged with explaining technology or other complicated ideas/products to the general public
  • English - this major provides an understanding of all elements of the English language and many different forms of literature that stem from it

There are many schools that teach students different types of writing. Their methods may be different, as well as class size, and teaching acumen. All of these factors determine the quality of a student's education. Here are the top three writing schools for various types of writing.

1. University of Iowa - Seeing the University of Iowa as a premier school surprises many people given the small population of the state, however, the University of Iowa is one of the greatest writing schools in the nation. The undergraduate creative writing program is considered number one in the nation. More importantly, the master of fine arts program known as the Writer's Workshop has produced thirteen Pulitzer Prize winners since 1947. This program is a two-year residency program where students produce a creative thesis (novel, play, or book of poetry) at the end of the program. Tuition for the University of Iowa is $7,765 for in-state students and $25,099 for out-of-state students.

2. Northwestern University - Those interested in journalism would be wise to consider Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, located in Evanston, Illinois. It is consistently one of the top-ranked journalism schools in the nation. Named after Joseph Medill, the editor and owner of the Chicago Tribune¸ the school was founded in 1921. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs, and is responsible for producing 38 Pulitzer Prize laureates. There are 684 undergraduates and 342 graduate students enrolled in the Medill School. Tuition for the undergraduate program is $41,592 and $48,768 for the graduate program.

3. University of California, Berkeley - The University of California, Berkeley, also known as Cal, is home to many prominent degree programs. One of these is its English program, which is ranked as the number one English degree program in the nation. Located in Berkeley, CA, ranked the third-most liberal city in the country, the university boasts premier faculty, a diverse student body, and an inspiring campus. In-state tuition is $10,868 while out-of-state students are billed $33,747.

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