What are the top teacher education schools?

Education is the cornerstone of advancement in our society. Obtaining an education is the closest thing to a guarantee for elevating someone's status or earning potential. Many sources have demonstrated that education is one of the only factors that can be isolated as an alleviator of poverty in America. Teachers who are qualified and knowledgeable in their subject areas, however, must provide education. Teachers must relate to their students to create a positive change within them and guide their pupils to success. Teachers have one of the most important careers in the United States, as they play a large part in dictating the future of America by shaping the minds of our youth.

Many schools offer teacher education degree programs, but there are different specializations within the field. These include:

  • Early Childhood Education - focuses on teaching children before they enter the public school system (pre-school or earlier)
  • Elementary Education - focuses on teaching children in grades K-5
  • General Education - focuses on teaching children in all grades of public education
  • Special Education - focuses on teaching children with special needs or learning disabilities

While many universities have teacher education programs, they vary significantly. Here are the Top Five Teacher Education Schools based on the average GRE scores:

1. Vanderbilt University - Vanderbilt's Peabody College is considered the premier teaching program in the country. Located in a quaint area of Nashville, TN, Peabody College has been ranked number one for three years straight. There are 845 students in the school, and the cost of tuition is $1,623 per credit. The average GRE (graduate record examination) score for entering graduate students is 1386.

2. Stanford University - Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, CA, which is a city home to companies like Facebook and Tesla Motors. The teaching program is the second oldest program in the nation and many educational theories and inventions have sprung from it. The school has an enrollment of 415 students and tuition of $38,700 per year. The average GRE score for entering graduate students is 1350.

3. Harvard University - The storied Ivy League member, Harvard University boasts the number two teacher education degree program in the country.  It is located in Cambridge, MA and shares this city with another prestigious school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are 972 students enrolled in the program and tuition costs $35,568. The average GRE score for entering graduate students is 1321.

4. Columbia University - Columbia University's education school is simply called Teachers College and was founded in 1887. It started on the principles of teaching children with a humanitarian concern intertwined with the actual education provided. It has one of the highest enrollments at 5,103 students and tuition costs $1,178 per credit. The average GRE score for entering graduate students is 1232.

5. University of Texas, Austin - The University of Texas at Austin is a prominent public university, as it was named one of the original eight Public Ivy universities in 1929. The education program is one of the best in the United States with an enrollment of 1,317 students. Another attractive factor to the university is the relatively low tuition cost, with in-state tuition of $7,798 and out-of-state tuition of $15,166. The average GRE score for entering graduate students is 1166.

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