Who should you be studying with? Find out!

Regardless of how much time you spend reviewing college or university textbooks and class notes, there might be times when you’ll benefit from studying with a partner.  After all, two sharp minds can see one topic from more angles than one mind alone.  Additionally and because the courses that you take in college are generally different from one another, consider studying with one person from each class you take so you increase your chances of earning the highest grades possible.

Before you ask a classmate from each of your college or university classes to study with you on course material your professors recently covered, ask yourself which of your classmates:

  • Attend class regularly
  • Participate in classroom discussions, asking questions and offering engaging insights and comments
  • Are comfortable completing course assignments and taking quizzes and examinations
  • Enjoys talking with you and other students outside of class
  • Has a healthy sense of humor

You and your study partners’ sense of humor will work wonders if you get stuck on chapters or sections of textbooks or course material.  A sense of humor and engaging communication skills both you and your study partners share with each other can also help to make studying for upcoming classes, pop quizzes and examinations fun. 

Choosing Good College and University Study Partners

Choosing study partners who actively participate in class by asking questions and interjecting interesting comments and remarks connects you with students who care about their classes and whether or not they succeed in the courses, factors that make them good study partners.  Additionally, students who feel comfortable asking questions and making comments in class will likely be comfortable giving you advice, recommendations, tips or guidance that help you.

To get the most out of your study team:

  • Set a day of the week and time when you and your study partner will get together and review textbook chapters and class notes.  You can identify a regular location to meet to study together (e.g. your dorm room, a section of the college or university library) or you can switch the location each week.
  • Take clear notes while you attend college or university classes, making it easy to compare notes with your study partners.
  • Highlight key parts of course textbook chapters.
  • Consider doing one fun, free activity with your study partners once a week.  For example, you and your study partners can go for a walk, watch a sporting event, catch a movie on TV, etc.

Also consider getting together with each of your study partners to create a study team.  You might discover that other members of your study team are taking similar courses and can help each other to better understand courses and earn higher grades.  Over time, your study partners, as you continue sharing challenges and triumphs, might become some of your best friends.

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