Can you use social networking for college and job search?

The popularity of social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many more have changed the way people conduct searches for college as well as jobs. Before the introduction of social sites, the only way a person could find out information was through personal contact, Internet research and tours of the facilities. Today it is easy to learn information about colleges and employers before making a commitment to work or attend school. This makes it easier for everyone to discover whether the college they are considering is the right one. By intermingling the college and job search, especially as graduation approaches, there is less risk of making the wrong decision about your future career and employment potential.

Connecting with Students where You Want to Attend College

One of the best ways to find out about a school you are planning to attend is to connect with students who are attending that college. On many social networking sites you will discover there are networks confined to specific topics including those of individual colleges and even specific employers. This will allow you to interact with others who are already attending the school you wish to attend in order to make the right decision about your education. Of course, you don't want social networking to replace other types of research; it is only a means to supplement other research and help you connect with others of similar interests.

Learning to "Meet" Other Students

In addition to being great research tools, social networking sites also provide a way for students to interact with other students. If you are attending a large college or university you may find it difficult to meet other students on campus, but with social networking you can make initial contact online and then arrange to meet outside of class.

The college experience is not all about education but also the experience of learning to meet people from different localities and backgrounds. This is in contrast to high school where the students that attend school with you are usually from similar backgrounds and nearby localities. Learning how to communicate with a variety of different people prepares you for the job market including employers, co-workers, and those you may meet in the course of the business day.

Learning the Employment Market

Social networking is not just a good tool for networking with university students but also for seeking out potential employers in your field of interest. Even though you may not be ready to seek employment, you may want to research employers in order to discover where you will be able to make the most of your degree. You may even find this step helpful before you make a final decision about your career choice in order to determine where you can best apply your skills and knowledge. In addition you may wish to choose a career that will provide an opportunity for you to obtain secure employment within your field of interest. This may require searching not only employers but also analyzing both current salaries and job opportunities as well as future projections.

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