Need some extra cash in college? Find out what to do!

When you sell your used items on the Internet, you position yourself to earn additional income if you have a job or to generate spending money if you aren’t currently employed.  Because the numbers of places that allow you to sell used products online has grown, depending on the amount of items you have for sale, you might be able to earn several hundred dollars a month selling your used products.

Years ago students who attended accredited colleges and universities had to wait on their parents to send them spending money before they bought tickets to concerts or other social or entertainment events.  They also had to limit the numbers of times they went out to eat or caught the bus or drove into town to go shopping for a favorite pair of shoes or an outfit they wanted.  It was either that or go out and get a job so they’d have spending money each week. 

College and University Students Use the Internet to Make Money

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to wait to get a job or for your parents to send you money to purchase the items and/or services you want.  Now you can go through your dorm room or home (if you’re commuting to and from campus), place items (e.g. clothes, exercise equipment, artwork) you no longer want into a large garbage bag or into a box and post ads on the Internet announcing the products for sale.

Places where you can sell your used items on the Internet include:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Personal website
  • Other vendor websites that sell used items (e.g.

Be careful not to post your personal contact information with your used items ads, regardless of the vendor website you use.  Many online bookstores like, Good Reads and Abe Books allow you to sell books you’ve read or used to their other customers at reduced prices.  You might have to pick up the cost of shipping and handling on some of the books.  Of course, eBay is one of the most popular websites you can create an account with to start selling your used items on the Internet. 

Getting the Word Out About Used Items on the Internet

You can also post your used items on local newspaper websites.  Even more, you can create your own website and start selling used items there.  If you advertise your website or write blogs and send messages on social websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin you can create a professional business website where your college and university classmates and other people around the world can create paying accounts to sell their used items as well, increasing your annual wages.

Remember that just because you’re attending an accredited college or university and paying tuition, for your books and lab fees doesn’t mean that you have to walk around campus broke.  The success of flea markets makes it clear that plenty of money is available for you to earn significant wages from selling used items.

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