Do you plan on reselling your textbooks? Find out why you should!

With the price of textbooks today, there is a very good reason for students to consider reselling them when they no longer need them. They only have so much space in their dormitory rooms, and even those who are living off campus or commuting from home probably do not have the space to keep textbooks they no longer need. In the past the only alternative was to trade them in at the end of the term, but this can be a problem if the textbook changes frequently for a particular course—this is true of some courses such as Tax Accounting that must rely on current rules and regulations. How can students get rid of textbooks they no longer need if they are unable to return them to the college bookstore?

Online Used Textbook Resellers

Instead of attempting to sell your used textbooks back to the college bookstore—especially difficult if the versions are short-lived—you might be able to sell them online. There are many different online outlets specifically for used textbooks, but that doesn't mean you cannot seek out other sources as well. With the online community being so global, you do not have to limit yourself to your local region or even the United States: there is a vast expanse on the Internet, and you have the entire world at your disposal.

Choosing an Online Site for Selling Your Textbooks

There are different sites for online sellers of used textbooks: you want to conduct some research and choose that one that best meets your needs. Some will allow you to place your books for sale at your asking price while others require the seller to physically send them the books and then they determine the price based on their assessment of the books. You should also determine if you want to offer free shipping, a service that is likely to provide a quicker sale but a lower profit. It is important for you to choose the reseller that works the best for your specific needs.

Research the Reseller's Reputation

Another thing that is very important before you list your used textbooks with an online seller is to research the company's reputation. Certainly there are some sites with which everyone is familiar such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Abe Books, but there may be others whose reputation may not be familiar to you. While this may not be of great importance if you are going to list your books for sale but ship them yourself, it may have substantial bearing if the seller requires you to actually send them the books so they can handle the listing and shipping. However, you also need to build a good reputation for yourself so you can always be sure of buyers for your textbooks. This means honesty about the condition of the books, fair pricing and prompt shipping. When you combine all of these elements it will not be difficult for you to maintain a steady flow of buyers for your textbooks when you no longer need them.

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