Why should you get a paid internship? Find out!

Try to get a paid internship instead of a non-paid internship whether you’re working over the summer or during the school year.  Getting a paid job will, of course, help you to earn income.  It will also help you to land jobs at companies that value the educational and creative experience college and university students like you bring to the table.

You can find paid internships online and offline.  There are also plenty of companies that will allow you to complete research and other types of assignments for them without paying you.  Do a quick search on the Internet and you’ll see how many employers will let college and university students complete projects and assignments for them free of charge.  Because you realize how talented you are and because you know you’re getting the training that sets you further apart, go for the paid internship jobs while you’re attending an accredited college or university.  Also make sure that the company you intern for has a working relationship with the postsecondary school you attend so you get academic credits for work assignments you complete.

Paid College Internship Schedules and Salary

In addition to being available online or offline, paid internships are available on part-time and full-time schedules, meaning you can work a standard 9 to 5 internship job or you can work a morning or afternoon internship that lasts three to four hours a day.  The choice is yours.  Some companies pay interns minimum wage while other companies and government agencies pay you, as an intern, above minimum wage. 

Still, there are companies and government agencies that only hire college and university students who major in certain subjects (e.g. law, medicine, mathematics, science).  Some of these firms pay students starting wages of $50,000 and up a year.  If you remain in these internships and work for these companies every year, when you graduate and step into a full-time, permanent job with these employers you might get a salary increase and start making as much as $60,000 or more a year.

Overall and as with other jobs, what you earn at a college or university internship depends on the employer you work for and the type of work you perform during the internship, with more complicated jobs tending to pay more than less complicated jobs.  The rewards of getting a paid internship don’t stop with the valuable work experience you gain.  After you get a paid internship you can open an interest bearing checking or savings account at a local bank and start building your financial savings, allowing you to have money later in the school year when you’re no longer working at the internship.  By putting as little as $20 into your bank account each week, you can save $1,040 a year.

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