Is entering college as a non-matriculated student right for you? Find out!

While not all schools accept non-matriculated students, there are enough of them available to meet the needs of those students who are either not ready to choose their degree programs or those who just want to take a few courses without the obligation to obtain a degree. There are any number of reasons a person may wish to attend college with becoming matriculated, but it is important to ascertain the school you are interested in attending allows non-matriculated students to attend.

Students Not Sure of Field of Study Can Research Options

Some students are just not sure what they want to study and choose to take some classes without having to commit to a curriculum. They can try a few different technology classes in order to come to a decision about their career goals. Some colleges will even allow them to retain any credits they earned while studying as a non-matriculated student, but this is something you need to research before you attend any classes at a specific school.

Updating Your Skills

Sometimes students may choose to update their skills, especially those who have been out of school for a while. If you attend the school from which you graduated it is more likely than not you will need to worry about matriculation; however, other schools might not be so lenient. You also want to make sure you attend a school that has the courses you are interested in taking. There are also several specialty schools you can attend that will not require matriculation but will allow students to take courses that may be beneficial in their every day lives.

Taking Courses Just for the Learning Experience

If you're looking to go back to school just for the learning experience, there is no need for you to worry about matriculation. You have the option of attending a local college that offers the courses you want, a specialty school or even attending adult education classes at your local high school. All of these possibilities make it possible for the non-matriculated student to find different ways to take college level classes without having to worry about it interfering with regular studies or having to pass a class you are only taking for the fun of it.

Locating Schools that Accept Non-Matriculated Students

In the past it was necessary for potential students to call a school directly to find out if they take non-matriculated students—in today's Internet age it is no longer necessary since all the information you need is available on the school's website. You will find a variety of different selections including non-credit courses including tax preparation, cooking, arts and crafts and much more. Each school has its own selection of courses that are available for non-matriculated students, so it is necessary for you to look at different schools in order to find the classes that interest you. Some of the non-credit courses do offer certificates that you can use to show you acquired education and knowledge in that skill area.

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