Should You Choose a Minor? Find out here!

Although many accredited colleges and universities don’t require you to choose a minor, doing so can have benefits.  To start, choosing a minor in college may deepen your learning and provide you with a more balanced education.  To find out if registering for a minor in college may help you to achieve your educational and career goals take the time to understand the benefits you may gain after you select a minor as well as the reasons you may want to choose a minor.

To start, choosing a minor allows you to focus on courses that you might not otherwise learn about.  It can also help you to get sufficient postsecondary training in an area that may improve your chances of landing jobs after you graduate from accredited colleges or universities.  Other benefits associated with choosing a minor while you’re in college or university include:

  • Broadens your leadership abilities (For example, if you major in finance and minor in business administration you can gain skills to manage teams of employees, skills that may help you land supervisory or senior manager roles after you graduate from college.)
  • Prepares you to gain degrees in other fields (After you minor in a subject you can transfer credits associated with your minor toward advanced degrees, shortening the amount of time it takes you to earn Master’s and Doctorate degrees in other fields.)
  • Helps you to decide career fields you want to work in (As you complete your undergraduate and/or graduate degree coursework you may begin to understand which subjects appeal to you most.  If you work internships and work/study programs that are related to your major and minor while you’re in college you can also find out how much you actually enjoy working in both fields.)

Choosing the Right Minor in College

Depending on the college or university you attend you may be assigned a separate academic advisor for each major and minor you pursue.  If you don’t feel you can earn a high grade point average (GPA) and focus on your college or university assignments, projects and examinations thoroughly if you choose a minor, consider focusing on one major.  When prospective hiring managers review your academic records they may prefer to know that you performed well while you were in college or university rather than knowing that you chose a minor in addition to choosing a major.

However, if you choose a minor that complements your major, you may position yourself to step into a broader range of jobs after you graduate.  Additionally, should the subject that you minor in become more popular over the coming years, you may have existing educational training and skills to work in up and coming industries, a step that might help you to rebound after economic recessions and other economic downturns.  As with any educational move, schedule time to meet with your academic advisor and discuss your considerations about choosing a minor.  Your academic advisor may be able to help you narrow down subjects you can minor in.

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