Why should you start your internship over the summer?

Summer is a time when thousands of college and university students start working internships.  If you start your internship over the summer, you can increase your chances of landing a summer job that you want and that will also help you to gain additional skills and insights into your major.

As early as January or February, check with your academic advisor or career counseling department administrators at the accredited college or university you attend and ask them for an internship application.  Also be sure to ask them for the deadline to submit internship applications.  The reason you want to start submitting your applications early is because many major companies start interviewing or hiring summer college and university interns in late February or early March.  If you wait until April or May to start checking into working an internship, summer jobs could be filled by other high school and/or college students.

Benefits and Challenges of College Summer Internships

If you attend an accredited postsecondary school that’s respected in the community, you might find that the numbers of summer internships you can take advantage of increase.  However, it’s up to you to get the most out of your summer internship as these jobs have pros and cons like:

  • Getting jobs that are comprised of non-complex tasks like copying, filing and answering telephones or running errands
  • Gaining experience in your major
  • Chance to meet and connect with hiring managers and supervisors at companies you want to work at after you graduate from college or university with your undergraduate degree
  • Short job assignments so you can focus on your academic studies during the rest of the year
  • Contact with human resources managers and specialists at top firms
  • Knowledge of the process of applying for and getting new jobs

Of course, should you work a summer internship each year that you attend an accredited college or university you can work with at least four firms, some which you might get employed by after you graduate with your degree.  Because many college and university students work summer internships, you’ll also have a chance to meet students from other postsecondary schools on your jobs, making new friends.  Additionally, local, state and federal government agencies develop summer internships that hire thousands of college and university students each year, increasing your chances of landing a job.

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