Are your priorities straight in college?

Managing your priorities in college can be a challenge to handle because there will be much temptation that you will face every day. Putting off studying and doing projects will start to become second nature. You will debate with yourself whether or not to hang out with friends or to get a head start on your upcoming projects. Unfortunately this will be the deciding factor in whether or not you succeed in college or fail. Learning to prioritize is extremely important.

Managing Your Time

There are many ways to manage your time where you can enjoy both studying and hanging out with friends. Focusing on the task at hand is the most important part of prioritizing. Saying you are going to write your psychology paper and then actually doing it are two different things. One way to go about prioritizing is first make a plan, then follow through with the plan, and last but not least focus on the plan and erase any and all distractions possible. Distractions are common when it comes to completing school work. The paper you are working on will seem like it is getting nowhere and time is passing by faster and faster until the day is gone and your still only on the second line of the four page paper. Now even more frustrated than before you decided to go out with friends and blow off steam delaying the completion of your paper even more.

Now not only are you behind in psychology but your other classes have work due that you have yet to even start. Now the pressure is on and the more you ignore the overload of work the more it continues to build up. This build up of pressure and workload can lead to many negative outcomes. According to an article titled ‘Stress and The College Student’, Stress can cause disruption in physical or emotional health in many college students. College students with stress fall into bad habits such as ignoring future projects, overeating, late night parties, sleeping in, skipping class, falling grade point averages, and much more. This creates a downward spiral that will be hard to come out of which may even result in failing the entire semester. Trying to raise a failing GPA will be even harder than it was just trying to keep up before you were failing.

Get into Shape

Being in good physical and emotional health is important for college students. That is what prioritizing can do for college students. Placing the important things such as projects and school work ahead of hanging out with friends and partying will lead you to a successful college career. That is what college is all about, planning and working toward a long lasting and promising career. Learning to prioritize now will save your college years from being stressful. They will be more enjoyable, you will find yourself with more time to relax than you could have imagined as well as being ahead of schedule when it comes to projects, assignments and papers. When all of your other friends or roommates are cramming and crunching to do last minute work you will be able to sit back and watch your favorite television program, or read a favorite book. Managing your priorities the right way is the way to prepare yourself for a bright future.

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