Do you have a career plan? Find out how to make one!

When you don’t know where you want to end up, sometimes you struggle to appreciate where you are.  Creating a career plan helps you, as a college or university student, to know where you want your education to take you.  It also gives you a roadmap to use to ensure that you remain on the right path to reach your career goals.

It’s important to create a career plan and to have a vision about your destiny.  In fact, unless you plan on driving aimlessly in your car or truck, you probably don’t even bother to leave home or your dorm room without knowing where you want to end up, as without a final destination in sight, you could end up anywhere, even lost.  Getting a degree is one key step toward reaching your career goal, your destination. 

How to Create a Career Plan in College

Creating a career plan involves being aware of your inner values, career goals, talents, passions, strengths and areas for significant improvement.  You also need to know where you are now in order to determine how far away you are from reaching your goals.  For further clarification, your inner values are items like treating everyone equitably, helping those in need, encouraging members of the community, etc.  Inner values impact what you feel comfortable doing and/or not doing.

More about Creating a Career Plan

Talents, strengths and passions sometimes overlap.  Examples of talents, strengths and passions are artistic skills, mathematical insights, patience working with children, in-depth and natural knowledge about the human anatomy and in-born leadership abilities.  Career goals illustrate where you’d like to be at the end of your working career.  You can also create 5, 10, 15 and 20 year career goals.  But keep in mind that, over the years, your career goals might change.  Be flexible.  However, if your career goals are closely linked to your passions, strengths and talents, even if you work for two or more employers or start your own company at some point in your career, your career goals will likely remain close to what they are as you make them while you attend college or university.

To create a career plan:

  • Write down your passions (what you most love to do and what feel joy doing)
  • List your talents and skills
  • Jot down areas where you can improve (e.g. being more comfortable speaking in public)
  • Identify careers that allow you to use your hobbies and passions to earn an income

Make sure your major and/or minor mandates that you regularly complete tasks, assignments and projects that are akin to your passions, talents and strengths.  Your love for what you do, will find you continuing to search for new ways to go further along in your career, bringing you greater rewards, benefits and income.

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