Why is English so important in college?

It is essential to possess proper English skills in order to achieve success in the business world. It doesn't matter what your profession may be; you must be able to read and write well in order to move up the ladder of success. This doesn't mean you have to be a prolific writer, but you do need to know how to put coherent sentences together in a professional manner. If you do not possess these important skills, you may need to brush up on them when you enter college.

English Preparatory Classes

In order to pass your entrance examinations it may be necessary for you to brush up on proper English skills. How much preparation you need depends on how weak your skills are, which you should be able to find out before you take your SATs. Of course, those who are not entering college directly from high school may need more brush up than students who are going straight from high school to college. This of course, depends on how much focus was placed on those skills during the middle school and high school education. Unfortunately many schools today are putting minimal focus on basic English grammar skills, so students are leaving high school with very little knowledge.

Online Grammar Courses

Those who wish to brush up on English skills may also choose to participate in an online course. Sometimes the courses are actual instructor-operated courses while other times they are simply self-directed courses that allows the student to take part in diagnostic testing and learn for himself or herself where they are weak. From there they can go to other parts of the website to gain the knowledge they need. You can choose the course that is right for you based on your specific needs and how much brush up you need in basic English skills.

Home Study Books

Another option is to purchase an English skills book and study on your own prior to entering college. If your skills are too weak you are not likely to pass the SAT or ACT, so a brush up before you schedule those tests is in your best interests. On the other hand, it never hurts to maintain good English skills whether you are entering college, have already graduated, or are in college currently.

Refresher English Courses

Another option for those who need to brush up on English skills is to take a refresher course before actually matriculating. While the English preparatory classes mentioned above refers to those students who need help prior to taking the SAT in order to improve their scores, refresher English courses are good choices for returning students who may have enrolled in college several years ago and need to brush up. Also, not all community colleges require students to take the SAT but rather have their own placement tests that show students where they are academically. Those who need to do so must take refresher courses before they are allowed to register for regular English courses or English composition classes.

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