What are blended courses? Find out here!

Blended courses are becoming increasingly popular as these college and university courses use advancing technologies to offer you a balanced education.  Whether you’re a working adult who has little spare time to take all of your college courses on campus or you simply want to complete one or more of your college classes from home, blended courses may be the right option for you.

Depending on the accredited college or university you attend, you might register to take two hours of on campus classes with two hours of online training to finish one college course.  So, let’s say you’re taking a college English class.  If the class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 9 in the evening, you might be scheduled to commute to campus on Tuesdays and log into class via your computer on Thursdays.  Also, you’re generally required to participate in both sessions, meaning that your grade may remain strong if you score high on tests and arrive on time to campus and online class sessions. 

To measure how well suited you are for blended courses, consider:

  • How much of a factor seeing professors is to your ability to retain information you’re taught
  • Whether participating in on campus activities (e.g. student organizations, athletics) is important to you
  • If you’re naturally self-motivated and generally encourage yourself to complete tasks without someone else reminding you to or following up with you

Requirements to Succeed at College or University Blended Courses

The types of equipment and personal management skills generally needed to succeed at college blended courses include:

  • Reliable desktop computer or laptop (check with the Bursar’s or Academic Affairs office at the college or university you attend to find out how much memory is required on the computer)
  • Software applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint (check with your professors to get the exact types of computer software you need to complete blended courses)
  • Solid time management skills (it’s up to you to make sure you complete your projects and assignments on time during the online college class sessions)
  • Project management skills (should you decide to take more than one college blended course, solid project management skills can help you prioritize your school work, study effectively and earn top tests scores)
  • Space at home to focus on college work (if you’re a parent  you might decide to register for blended courses that meet online at times of the day when your children are either asleep, at the babysitter or visiting with friends or relatives)

Before you take blended courses in college or university ask your professors for the best way to reach them when you’re completing assignments and projects from home.  For instance, your professors might prefer that you contact them via email, private college message boards or telephone. 

Furthermore, by taking blended courses, you get to interact with your classmates and professors in-person as well as online.  If you’re thinking about taking all of your college or university courses online, enrolling in one or more blended courses can help you measure whether this higher education learning option is right for you.

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